HIAYS are a few more tshirts that i have in my vast collection of naughty, offensive and funny tshirts I hope you like see me wearing them on guys on my LIVE webcam. Love ya taylor xoxoxo

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HIYAAAAAA GUYS !!! This is for all the army cuties out there We know you bust your butt for your country and I thought i would show my appreciation with a twist on the army uniform lol Now imagine if the women in the army could wear their shirts like this lol. I figure you [...]

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Hey guys …ok well i know the real barbie doll has the most absurd measurements i have ever heard of lol .. Anyways i think they should make a voluptuous barbie with lots of curves I’d even volunteer to be the test model lol . I love barbie stuff so i thought i would dress [...]

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hey guys welllllllll the school year being over is getting closer and closer every day.. i am thrilled to soon be done with university. Then i am all yours… i have never been away from web cam this long and im dying to get back…i will be online this week most likely tonite but if [...]

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WELL GUYS I FIGURED…since i have soo many many tshirts with cute and clever sayings on them that im gonna update the blog constantly with all the ones i have so here are a few more andyes yes i do wear these out in public lol.. I will be back on my webcam SUNDAY and [...]

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well, as the weather gets hotter and hotter…the tshirts get wetter and wetter in the summer there is an abundance of wet tshirt contests here in toronto and when i get into some ill be sure to have some pics the meantime here is a wet tshirt preview for you guys as u know [...]

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HEY GUYS !!! I had a ton of new tshirts made but here are a few more that i found for you guys hee hee cya later on my webcam xxoxoxox love ya tay

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HIYA GUYS !!! I noticed a lot of you guys like the profile shots i do so i have added a couple for you Hope you like. TOday was a very very long day but im just gonna relax and take it easy for the rest of the nite then take a bunch more pics [...]

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HEY BOYS Well as you may have guessed i have been super busy with the school year coming to an end so i have not been online on ifriends as much as i wanted to be… i cant wait for it to be over and its gonna be sooon … anyways i wanted you to [...]

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As many of you know i recently went on a trip to vegas back in january…and i am going to be going again in august with some close friends I have to say vegas was the best town on earth i love it there i didnt want to leave I cannnnot waiitttttttttt to go back [...]

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