hey guys welllllllll the school year being over is getting closer and closer every day.. i am thrilled to soon be done with university. Then i am all yours… i have never been away from web cam this long and im dying to get back…i will be online this week most likely tonite but if not i will be back on monday for sure…this next week will be a bit hectic and i will try to get on as much as i can but for the week after i will be online every day from 1pm-4am maybe even later ;) . I havent just been busy with school i have been sooooooo busy taking hundreds of pics and doing tons of vid clips to upload to my fanclub for YOU !!! I have also been working on my offical website that will be ready in the upcoming months…so much stuff has been happening and i really miss spending time with you guys :) . Here are a few shots of one of my sets and of course there will be plenty more in my fan club archives. I cant wait to catch up and chat with you guys on my webcam. Keep your eye out for some new updates coming really soon :)


love forever


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  1. building

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