HEY GUYS.. just a really quick note to let u know that i havent been around because i have been dealing with a few very important issues ..i promise to update more soon i just want to let u all know that im here thinking of you and looking forward to getting back this week..i [...]

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HEY GUYS !! Just a quick note to wish you all a happy valentines day !! I hope that those of you with a special someone have a romantic and fun day … and for all of us single mingles I hope your living it up !! Talk to you soon guys xoxo Tay

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HEY GUYS !! WOW i had like the worst sick spell this last week it was really bad..i think it was my body telling me hey u ne ed to be back in vegas where its warm !! So its a bit of a long update since i havent been around the last while so [...]

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TO LET YOU KNOW IM BACK…hey guys i will be updating some more tomorrow, i landed safley from vegas in -8*celcius weather and i am really really sick right now …i guess the climate change really affected me and im cuddled in my bed right now with my laptop i miss you all a LOT [...]

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HEY GUYS !! WELLLLLLLLL ITS OFFICIAL MY BLOG IS 1 YEAR OLD !! HEHE SO YAAAAAAAY !! Its hard to believe a year has gone by since i started this blog. i want to thank you all for being there for me every step of the way, coming to this blog, keeping updated, and of [...]

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