HIYAS !! FEELS GREAT TO BE BACK !! Happy halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeen. I have some treats for you hehe This halloween i couldnt decide what to be and i narrowed it down to two and then i just couldnt choose lol so i figured hey ill be both. LOL !! So, for this update im a girl [...]



HEY GUYS.. well im finally settled back at home. I just wanted to update you and let you know ill be online on halloween (tuesday) and then full time from then on !! I miss you guys lots and im ready to spend loads of time with you.. I will see u all soon. Love [...]

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HEY EVERYONE… sorry its been a while since i updated.. ive been staying at my moms since her surgery she is doing ok. I’m coming home this weekend and will be online this coming week. I wanted to be here with her while she was recovering. Thank you all for your concerns and your ca [...]

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Since i cant sleep right now I figured why not do one of these survey type quiz thingy’s lol… This way you guys get to know more and more about me. I will be doing these once a week or so Todays quiz… A relationship quiz…MY ANSWERS WILL BE IN CAPS ITS A LONG QUIZ.. [...]

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Hey everyone, its been an unbelievably exhausting day… I havent had much sleep and even though im so tired i cant seem to sleep right now. My mom did come out of surgery ok and i can breathe a sigh of relief as a result. She is still at the hospital and will be for [...]

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hello guys, i wanted to post a quick note to say im sorry i wasnt online as much this weekend, my mother got admitted early, so yesterday morning and evening was with her and today was getting things set up for her surgery tomorrow. I will keep you updated as to how things go. Thank [...]

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HEY EVERYONE… just wanted to let you all know i will be ONLINE this weekend. I got some bad news in regards to my mom, she has to go in for surgery on oct 10th and im a little worried but the doctors assure me shes in good hands. My mom is a strong woman [...]

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HEY GUYS.. well i told you i would update as soon as i could so here i am, i cant believe how tired i still am.. i think im still on vegas time.. ive been sick since i got back, i guess i am just home sick hehe since vegas to me is like a [...]

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