OAKMAR50 !! yAAAY !! Oakmar50 has won this weeks contest guys, so congratulations to him and I cant wait to spend our free 1 on 1 time together !! Don’t worry guys there will be a new contest every week so there will be lots and lots of free time giveaways !! I hope you [...]

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hi guys !! How are you ? Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I had such a busy weekend.. its crazy how many weddings there are in the summer time!! Anyhow I just wanted to let you all know that I will be uploading a 130 pic set and vid to my fanclub later [...]

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HI GUYS ! Okkkkk so I just finished uploading over 130 pics of my whole trip to Las Vegas. There are some of me alone, me and my best friend Vikki and me just being silly LOL. I cant upload pictures with people who are not registered on ifriends in them so I will post [...]

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Hey guys.. I wanted to wish all the fathers out there a very Happy Fathers Day. I hope it was amazing and that you got every bit of relaxation that you deserve. A fathers role in a childs life is so important, yet not enough people realize that. Today was a hard day for me, [...]

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HEY GUYS !!!!!! So sorry i wasnt around all weekend my internet was down all weekend just got it back up. Ive got a lot in store for you guys so keep an eye out Miss you lots Heres a pic in the meantime guys.. ill be ONLINE later in the week and the coming [...]

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Hey guys here is a pic of me after a night of partying at the studio 54 in mgm grand in Vegas. My feet were hurting sooo much lol, I was trying to make it back to my hotel room and I was about 5 feet away LOL but i decided id rather lay in [...]

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Hey guys.. hope your having a fantastic week, Just wanted to say hello and say that I am having some funnnnn getting new fanclub stuff together for you guys. Its getting so hot here wow. SUmmer is coming woooooo !! Love yas xoxox Tay

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of my pics from my trip, there are so so much more that I will be uploading to my fanclub but I wanted to show you guys a few on here. It was really fun and I am going back in august . I will be ONLINE next week full time I look forward to [...]

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Hey guys im back from vegas safe and sound. Miss it already though. I tried updating you guys from there but i was having issues with my hosting service. Its all fixed now and im back home so I will update you all later. Lots of pics and stuff coming for you guys. My trip [...]

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