Heyy boys well you all know my love for UFC and tonight is as huge as my boobies for me wooot !! GSP is fighting and ive hung out with him hes an amazing fighter and one of the most humble people ive ever met. ALSOOOOO MIRRR !! LOVE HIM hes funny and cool to c hill with wish them luck !!. Im super excited I can’t wait to see some ground and pound. Its funny that I used to do jujitsu and all the boys would want to partner up with me and sprawl with me lol… it got a bit much so had to move on to pole dancing classes instead lol..but i learned a lot so you guys better come join me online  so i can give you a rear naked choke ;) hahah it sound so sexy doesnt lol but its not lmfao.

Anyways guys ive had an amazing week with you all. Thank you soo much for all the cards thoughts and well wishes through my surgery everythings ok im ok im online bouncing around and happy just a little sore but otherwise good. Dont forget my freefanclub giveaways k…the first contest closes tonight but the next 6 people that join my freefanlcub win free one on one hot pvt time and free panties woot :) .

And hey guys please dont forget to vote for me here for the march madness contest you can now vote twice a day from diff ips and diff computers :) so help me get on top you know i love it on top :)

So join for free here and come play with tay I have some surprises in store today since im sooo pumped about the fights wooot !

Love you lots





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6 Responses to “FIGHT NIGHT BOOBIES !”

  1. apparently me

    GSP is from Quebec, gotta appreciate him for that lol.

  2. Nick

    Glad to hear your surgery went well but I have to contradict you, Tay. I don’t think UFC will ever be as big as your boobs… and definitely nowhere near as popular! ;) Much love, hon!

  3. Demetri

    Hi Taylor, I love those pictures. You are so beautiful, and you definitely have a beautiful smile. Your boobies are always amazing.

  4. ilovehugeboobs

    Hi Tay… I love those pics. You’re incredibly beautiful. You have a spectacular face and I must say You have a beautiful voluptuous chest. Kisses

  5. Antonio

    You are beautiful, I can fight with you?…………………….

  6. Anonymous

    I love you!

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