Monday blues guys ?? Not anymore Im gonna take all that away. Today at my free #one fanclub at Ive been having sooo much fun with you guys online I can’t wait to do more im super excited. So yesterday I did a bit of spring cleaning and found a ton of bras old and new and super tight ones that i am busting out of !! So i am totally doing a BRA SHOW today all day anyone that wants to see me try on and bust out of and maybe break a few bras lol join for free and come say hey in vid the funs just begun. So spring is here and a new week is here and im giving away more stuff I love this cause I am the number one rated free fanclub and you guys deserve some stuff lol. So the next ten people that join my  get a free phone call from me andddddd a pair of freshly worn panties sent to them or a free 8X10 and a video your choice :) woooot .

Also, dont forget the free contest is up for everyone whos joined here for free   for a chance to win a steamy hot private with me. I had a great time with the winner from the last contest I think i must have cum at least twice LOL. wooot

Please guys keep voting for me inthe the March Madness contest click on March madness and vote for Taylor Stevens you can vote twice a day :) Im behind right now but I am hoping to catch up and win. Lots of updates coming up see you all soon

xoxo Tay

JOIN HERE FOR FREE FOR ALL MY OVER 20,000 PICS AND VIDS :) YUP :) WOOT and check for new stuff coming here



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