HEY GUYS.. WELL.. its hard to really imagine it but I stared my weight loss journey march 16th 2006 and had lost over 150lbs by march 16th 2006. Todays my anniversary woot… ive kept it off lost a bit more but overall maintained my weight loss. It was one of the hardest things I had to do in my life and it was for my health and I feel much much healthier and happier now. I loved my curves back then ( as i know many many many of you did) just as I love them now :) .  Im still very curvy and love every curve of it.  I know that a lot of you have loved me bigger, lots of you love me smaller but most of you love me either way and that means a lot to me :) . So heres a before score shot and an after score shot for you guys :) . So i can please everyone. hehe I know you all  have made most of your opinions known to me and im thank ful for all of that. I cant please everyone but i do try. Im glad you all love me for my giggly bubbly nature and personality as well as my bouncy boobies LOL.

So come on by and see me im online all day and night at PlayWithTay.com still giving away a free vid and panties to whoever joins the free fanclub and sees me in vid. Also as we all know march madness is going on so i would love for all of you to please vote for me here http://bit.ly/cvsQrm  you can vote once a day its under polls on the side bar please vote and tell everyone u know to vote :)

Its a celebration today woot :) and im having fun bouncing around xoxox :)



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9 Responses to “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME :)”

  1. WOW Taylor I just read his blog entry and what a tremendous accomplishment you made.. Congrats you look amazing

  2. pete

    Hey Taylor, love you, you always look sexy xxx

  3. Congrats, Busty babe !
    You’ll ALWAYS be sexy to me :)

  4. You still look sexy.

  5. Nick

    You’ve looked great the entire ride, babe! What’s good now is you can keep your health in order AND show off how sexy you look.

    By the way, I think you accidentally put March 16th 2006 twice. ;) Only the best of us make mistakes.

  6. JustMe

    <3 ya tay :)

  7. Demetri

    You are so amazing no matter what. I are alway incredibly beautiful.

  8. clint

    congrats and happy annivery taylor. you are a beautiful person inside and out:-)

  9. Jason

    Ill take one of each please. Lookin great before and after. Amazing how full your breasts look after loosing all that weight. You are truly blessed and thank you so much for sharing what GOD gave you!

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