WELLLLL GUYS… The weather isssssssss getting warmer although its still a bit cold here but that means LESS and LESS clothing. Ahhh I love it. I cannot wait to move to a warmer climate. You boys know I love driving boys crazy with my low cut tops and tight tshirts lol well I was out in the nice weather and oh boy lets just say there was a few “incidents”..wives slapping husbands, cars almost crashing, girls hating ( used to it). I just love teasing guys with my boobs though lol leaning over when im out lol and the other day I was getting a pedicure and the place i go to has this vibrating massage chair so im getting a pedicure and a guy walks in with his gf and of course im wearing a low cut shirt and the chair goes into deep massage mode wher its vibrating like crazy and im bouncing around in that chair like crazy boobs everywhere it was hilarious. The guy with his gf turned around like 5 times lol it was crazy and she ended up slapping him. LOVED IT ! lol I love my boobies. Woot spring has sprung and I hope that more things spring tongiht as they have been LOL. Im online now at PlayWithTay.com and will be all week long I will also be uploading tons of pics to PlayWithTay.com and there are still spots open for those joining my free fanclub @ PlayWithTay.com to get a free vid emailed to them and a pair of panties :) woot.



Come on by lets have some bouncy fun !!


Picture 4Picture 23CUPCAKE5

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5 Responses to “SPRING TIME FUN…”

  1. HT

    hehe you are a naughty flirt and i like that! wish i coulda been there to see that bouncing around in that chair lol crazy boobs !

  2. Michael

    lol that’s just not right! it’s *impossible* not to stare! but it’s still hilarious

  3. You are such a naughty girl.
    Luckily I don’t have a GF, so I can look at your boobies all I want :D :D

  4. viggo

    You’re a traffic hazard!

  5. sk219382

    holy fucking shit….your poppin out of that dress damn!

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