Heyy guys ive been having sooo much fun at my free fanclub with you guys @ PlayWithTay.com.

Its tuesday and so I figured tuesday doesnt really have a special event for it its not like hump day or friday so Im making today wet t-shirt tuesday. I will be doing shows for my free PlayWithTay.com fanclub members that include wet t-shirts and hot one on one time with me because the weathers getting nicer and Im getting hotter woot !

The next 10 people that join here for free get free access to all my archives and vids yaaay !! Also ill be doing random giveaways to free fanclub members thoughout the night so make sure you join up ! Its free. !!

Im soo excited I leave for la on the 8th-12th for my appearance with the none other sexy vickyvette and sarah jay and shandafey im super excited to be doing naughty things with my hotties :) .Its gonna be a wild crazy time. So if your in La I expect to see you there !!

Dont forget to keep your votes up in the March Madness contest and keep voting for me help me get back on top I love being on top lol :) .

I will see you all online @ my free fanclub tonight for wet watergun, bottle pouring, soaked boobies. When you join me you just mite get something u didnt expect wooot woot ! hehehe. And the contest is still up here for free fanclub members to win 1on1 steamy sexy taylor time woot.

Baylor got Duked the other night so I know you are all waiting for the rest to finish now who do i root for lol. See you all soon im live on cam right now !! xoxox

Taylor Stevens in tight top
Taylor Stevens eyes


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4 Responses to “WET-TSHIRT-TUESDAY ALL DAY !!”

  1. Mick

    Aha! Taylor had a “blond moment” when posting this, as everybody knows today is actually TITTY-FUCK TUESDAY. C’mon girl, get with the program. :)

    Oh and have fun in LA! You and Sarah and Vicky together…. mmmm! Just remember the motto: “pics or it didn’t happen.”

  2. Mark

    Taylor you are really sexy. you are exciting. you are downright hot. your a amazing girl for putting yourself out there. Your giving spirit and sexy body are very attractive.

  3. gigi

    Ha ha Taylor,
    I like u, & ur assets
    Take care

  4. pato

    taylor i am brazilian…and i love you!!!

    the nice work….beatiful photos, perfect body


    the best blonde in the world…sorry i dont write in english


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