Heyyy guys :) Well since Canada didnt make a world cup team Ive been picking teams all along and truth be told I hope argentina wins the whole thing but for today…. I really hope brazil wins :) I want this to be a really good world cup. SO …. i figured i look good in yellow lol why not take some pics hahaha. Besides i think the soccer balls under my shirt are way bouncier then the ones on the field and if the brazillian team played with my soccer balls (which id gladly let them lol) they mite have some good luck…so i’ll rub mine for good luck hahaha.
Im having an amazing time with you guys….free fanclub members know they are getting some kick ass shit :) which im happpppppppppy to make you happy. Join here for free and email me your screen name for tons of goodies. I will be in chicago for exxxtacy 2010 and I think you all should make your asses over there and say hi to your favourite Canadian girl :) Nikki benz will be there of course and then me lol :) hahaha and the OFFICAL “fuck a fan girl” Sara Jayyyyyyyyy !! You guys its gonna be fun ! Find me a karaoke bar and good night clubs in chi town I need to party lol.
Soo, i did a ton of pics this morning and vids some in my almost non existant bikini from yesterdays bbq which btw didnt stay on long lol. woot ! So join the free fanclub right now for tons of pics, vids and bouncy me :)
See you all live TGIF wooooot ~!
Picture 37
Picture 35
Picture 34
Picture 33
Picture 28

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5 Responses to “WORLD CUP FEVER….”

  1. Great pics, Brazil’s lucky to have you lol

  2. Anonymous

    kickasss taylor

  3. Erik

    Too bad you were for Brazil, I’d bet you look great in orange!!!!

    Greetyings from Holland

  4. JP

    Well,im brazilian,let me play with your “soccer balls” so
    hhahahahaha =p
    You’re cute !

  5. Tiago

    Olá Taylor, isso mesmo torça pelo Brasil mesmo!
    Somos bons no futebol e no sexo, pode vir conferir…


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