Finally I Picked a good one woot go spaaaaain ! lol maybe it had something to do with me wearing a really low cut red tight top lol…or maybe thats just what I’ll take credit for lol :) I finally picked a winner wooot !!. I was saying on twitter that If I was an octopus I would always know who was gonna win lol.. thats crazy that that thing predicted a win over and over I mean wow.

Whoooo else is super excited BIG BROTHER is back I love that fkn show lol..Id have a blast on reality tv lol. Anyways, back to the top and the bar lol I turned a lot of heads bouncing up and down in this top lol a few guys spilt there beer lol. I spill my drink on my boobs sometimes on purpose lol so I can A. have a wet t-shirt and drive the boys crazy or B. so I can feel my boobs in public with a valid reason AND drive the boys crazy lol.

I will be uploading the full set and vid to the free fanclub so join up right now !! Dont forget that next Fri,Sat, Sun I will be live in CHICAGO woot at Exxxtacy2010 im super excited and can’t wait to be there with all of you bouncing away !!

Ill be online late tonight so make sure you get your free screenname so you can see these babies in action…more to cum ;)

Love you tons


Picture 16
Picture 1
Picture 18Picture 21
Picture 21

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6 Responses to “YAAAY GO SPAIN !!”

  1. Cor Cor

    Classic Big Brother! -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2RdQyQ2zrA

  2. Cor Cor

  3. JP

    Hey Taylor,I like you with brazilian features,not spanish

  4. Mick


    I wish I was that octopus, so I could feel you up with 8 tentacles!!!! Oh and don’t forget my video, ya hoser. :)

  5. Mick

    Oh and the 2nd pic in this set is my favorite. There’s something about seeing you in a soft top with buttons popped that just sends me over the edge!

  6. jj

    you are just unbelievably hot

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