Hey guys… well as im trying to organize my computer because I have tons of new stuff coming for you guys… I find all these pics that I always say im gonna remember to do a blog post about and then forget about lol. I love random pics that bring back fun memories. So as I am organizing this place I found a TON and I mean a TON (fuck i take a lot of pics) lol of pictures that I will be uploading to the free fanclub for all of you to see. So get your free screenname here!

I know a lot of you love to see candid random moments and you know I love to share those moments with you so for free fanclub members expect over 150 pics coming tonight. Also catch never before seen footage of moi lol :)

I have had sooo much fun online bouncing on my my webcam with you guys. As you know the last few days have been really rough, but forget tiger blood you guys rejuvenate me. When im on cam with you guys its like im not sick at all Im smiling im laughing and im loving every second of it. Thats beacause its in my Taylor Blood lol to make you happy which in turn makes me happy. I will be online all week long and I cant wait to play with you guys!

I have sent out over 30 thank you packages this week so get your free screenname and get goodies from me. Also, to all of you who have been sending me the amazing flowers, gifts etc from my wish list and your hearts through this rough time thank you so so much. I have sent you also extra special ty packages. I love to give as much as I recieve if not more so for those of you who want to spoil me just clicky here.

I havent talked much about whats been going on the last while health wise and I will be doing a post about it but I wanted to do this one first. I love you guys so so much and being back on cam with you guys made me realize exactly where I needed to be. :) Sooo guys esp from now till the end of March get your free screenname and get in on some really naughty free fun…im uploading vids that noone has seen. woot !

So happy Friday and here are a few formspring questions for you guys enjoy the pics and the naughty naked unscensored pics are of course in my free fanclub.


1. Hello taylor would you come to my school and come pick me up in front of all my friends and make there mouths drop ?

Awww, If I could do this for everyone I  absolutley would. That is so cute. I wish I could be everywhere doing that for you. I love seeing the reactions of people esp those jerk boys who treat people bad get their asses handed to them by me lol. If i could I would. But remember you dont need me to make their mouths drop just be you :) .

2.  God, i just wanna pull my dick out and cum all over your tits!

Lol well what are you waiting for im online every night on my webcam so get in there and lets have some fun.

3. Ever been with someone you and other know was bad for you? and why

Sigh, yes…sometimes you are already so involved in a relationship that you dont even realize how bad or negative they are for you or your life till after the fact. Sometimes you can work it out sometimes you cant but ultimatley it comes down to more then just love. It comes down to the same goals values etc.. Ive been in love doesnt mean they were all the right person for me. Sometimes when you care for someone your heart just doesnt wanna let go, either guilt,fear etc of being without them. Eventually though, everyone realizes where they should be. Its whether they do something about it  that holds their fate.

4.  Wheres your next vacation ?

Well, for me conventions are awesome and fun cause I get to hang with my friends meet my fans and enjoy. But my next NON-CONVENTION vacation is going to be somewhere tropical beautiful relaxing where I can just lay on the beach stand in the ocean and relax. Esp after these health issues thats exactly what I want. That  would be the best gift ever. Any recommendations ?

5. When you are down,what do you do to keep yourself going and strong?

I remember a few wise words from people and I remember what I have been through in my life and over come. I remember my losses I remember how I did everything on my own and worked super hard to get where I am. I also remember to appreciate that im human. Im allowed to make mistakes. I have my dads fighting spirit in me and I will fight till the death of me.

and me standing out in the freezing cold @ ford field with some vikings fans I just met waiting for the game to start when it was rerouted to detroit. There was not just diet coke in that cup lol

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  1. Anonymous

    What is it boob size

  2. Terrell Devon

    Dammit!!! The first time I lay eyes on you was 05 I believe when I was 19 in the XL girl mag. I never saw nothing more beautiful in that section. For the strangest reason you name popped up in my head 3/28/11 I look you up and you lost weight and still you so fucking bomb. The things a Nigga would do to have you all on me shit. It’s only a mare fantasy to have a woman like yourself. I see why your not close to you family bad ass woman you. I’m not the type to worship a woman nor open my eyes upon a beauty but you have them wide open. I see your wishlist, I’m gonna have you on my wishlist: not for a night but a day that can last a eternity! The richest in the world couldn’t satisfy you, but being me will fill any void one may have. Kisses my arab princess, From a king

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