Happy Sunday Sexy Boys !! This week the guy at the post office I think had a super crush on me lol everytime there was a lineup he had a little section set aside just for me and all my mailing gear ready lol. Thats because of all you kick ass guys who joined the free fanclub! For every member till the very end of march that joins my free fanclub you get a FULL ON ty package :) . Yaaay !! Those of you that joined this week should be getting your stuff this week just make sure you sign up for free screenname then email me via the get in touch button HERE with your screenname :) .

For those of you that purchased a gift for me off my wishlist :) thank you sooo much.  Those of you that do that get a free custom video made just FOR YOU :) woot. So go to www.spoiltay.com i spoil back hard but you guys know that lol.

Speaking of custom videos I offer them you can email me for more information they start at half hour increments and go up :) . I love doing stuff thats personal to YOU :) .

My schedule has been a bit up and down latley due to my health. The third round of chemo has been really hard. Trying to push through as usual. I will however, be online all week long from around 4pm-onward. I really need to get my energy from you guys. When im online with you its like im not sick and nothing else in the world matters. I love you guys very much.

I hated that I had to miss this Adultcon but I will def be at the other events.
I will be in LA at the end of the month cause @sophiedee and I are going to see @NickiMinaj in concert woot woot ! I already saw her once and met her and she was so shocked by my boobies LOL. But im going to see her again because I love that girl her words are inspiration to me. Can’t wait to see kelly divine and sophie dee too I miss LA. Its funny cause when I first went to LA I hated it I loved shooting there and everything but I just hated it and now I miss it to death lol. For those of you that want to book me while im in LA please email me at booking@taystevens.com

Im holding a contest for all you free fanclub members this week. You get free time with me in pvt all by our naughty selves lol. I have been super frisky latley lol. I went to see Marey Carey yesterday at a strip club in Toronto I love supporting the girls in the industry. It was fun :) She came out to welcome to the jungle in a jungle outfit and thats awesome you know I love my rock :) .

I want you all to stay on your toes cause there is a lot coming and I mean a LOT. most importantly get your asses in my free fanclub and ON my webcam with me cause I may have cancer but cancer doesnt have me. I am still gonna kick some serious ass :) .

I love you all so much for your unconditional,undying, amazing love and support. Most importantly that you share your stories with me and that you open your hearts to me. Thats what ive done since I started webcamming 9 years ago I opened my hearts and myself to you and you’ve all filled my life with amazing things. Ty so much.

I know you all loved the 100 facts about me and I got a request for a few more formspring questions so Ill do a quick few since it is Sunday (#rebeccablack) helped me realize what day it was and there is basketball on lol :) . Anyways here are a few questions and I will see you all online in my free fanclub. Get in on it :)

Remember guys my facebook account got deleted so this is the actual fan page HERE so like me lol :)

Question time…

1. If you could live in any house you wanted to, what would it look like?

Honestly, it would have to be huge. I love my space I love to be organized. Now remember this was a dream house kinda question so I would have to say HUGE gorgeous kitchen. A room for my shoes. A room built into a closet for all my clothes. A kick ass boys room type basement rec room with a jersey from every football team and all kinds of sports memorabilia. A poker table section oh it would just be every man’s man cave dream but for me lol. A huge back yard for bbqs and a pool for naked sunbathing lol. Oh and a kick ass jacuzzi bathroom :) . hehe. Ahhh to dream lol.

2. What is the first thing you look at in a man or woman? What attracts you ?

Smile, Eyes, honestly I am really about whats on the inside being what counts.  I will stare at a womans gorgeous face and features or a mans smile and eyes before I will stare at anything else. Eyes are the window to the soul and a beautiful smile means so much. So for me the rest comes after if at all. Im super down to earth im not vain so I just want a good guy with a good heart that takes care of himself.

3. What are you notoriously known for?

Well for being the offical number ONE webcam girl for 9 years running but I get the omg its Taylor Stevens the bouncy busty always happy girl next door with the huge boobs and the glasses lol. My glasses have become iconic to who I am. For me I used to wear contacts all the time and I just got tired of the fake blue eyes and all that bullshit. I wanted to be real so here I am glasses and all. I wont lie i wear CLEAR contacts here and there but I love my glasses they are a part of me and I think they are cute lol :)

4. What Item on your wish list do u want most right now ?

Well its a wish list lol so its hard..but on my WISHLIST there is a lot of stuff i love to death but im very practical too I like gifts that I can use for important stuff like travelling to conventions etc… gift cards to airlines like delta or westjet…ummm shoes I LOVE lol for outfits and photoshoots but anything really. And I think anyone that does buy me anything deserves to get soemthing back from me. Thank you for asking but yes gift certificates and anything camera related cause I can make kick ass hd professional vids :)

5. I think you should be a fleshlight girl :) .

Awww thank you well hey you guys you know what to do if you want me to be somewhere or be on a product or have a tshirt etc. Just contact those people and let them know. Contact fleshlight contact Twointheshirt tell them you want to see me on a shirt. The more that do the better it is :) . WOOOT :)

Ok thats all for now but I have to say whats sooo funny this week out of all the thank you packages im sending out more then HALF the names started with a J isnt that so funny lol im like wow. And I had double names lol :) Theres a lot of people with names that start with the letter J lol.

Anyways get your free screenname guys and get your fun asses on cam and lets get this week started right. I love you always



Me and Nicki Minaj she was shocked by my boobies lol :)

me and Mary Carey she was really sweet and I thought she put on an amazing show.

and just little old me for you guys..a full naughty set of course being uploaded to the free fanclub :) wooot woot !

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  1. Jon-Erik

    Nice photos Taylor, they are tight and hot. And of course sexy. You still look sexy and gorgeous as always, keep up the amazing work you’re doing. I love it.

  2. Rob

    Sweetie i must say not only do u have the best tits on the web but u have the best and most suckable nipples i ever seen. love u tay, been a huge fan for a long time. xoxoxoxo

  3. Jame Gumb

    Whe you were bigger, were you about a size 14?

  4. Robert

    Ohhh you were sexy before to when you were a bbw but i guess you ddnt feel good then? Hugs from Sweden

  5. james

    tay u should buy a pole and strip

  6. Mr. X

    My dear, this is a bit embaressing, but do you prefer a man with a big package, or do you prefer small ones. I had heard that all a woman needs is 3 inches of penetration to feel pleasure, and anything longer is just pain.

    Your Secret Admirer,

    Mr. X

  7. A friend

    Have you heard of antineoplaston treatment at all? It is a much more effective way to treat cancer and does not have all the nasty side effects that chemo has. The thing is that you have to go to houston to get this treatment but from the people who got it, the cancer went away permanently within months. It works good with non hodgkins patients like yourself. The crazy thing is that this treatment is not FDA approved because this cheats the drug companies out of there money because it lacks all the nasty side effects from chemo which is what is the most profitable for the government. Here is a link where you can read about this more.


  8. Anonymous

    No Update since 27th March 2011 – can’t live without it!

  9. You are so sexy. Love your tittie porn

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