Hey guys !! Its been a while ! Happy Friday ! Its Canada day here on my side of town woot !  Theres lots of amazing things about Canada :) the chicks are hot for one lol :) hahahah something in the water. :) But because its a celebration weekend and now that the postal strike is over im celebrating life and this trek to kick cancers butt and am giving away new ty packages to everyone who gets their free screenname here and bet your asses you’ll be joining me on cam later cause I am doing a sticky icky CANADIAN maple syrup webcam show :) mmm sticky yummy boobies ! Want a lick ?  Make sure you get to the free fanclub and see me live by getting your free screenname!!

You all know I love Vegas and North America but I love being a Bouncy Busty Canadian Blondie :) . There are some awesome thing about Canada. Here are the things I love the most !

1. POUTINE :) hahah of course I put food first LOL hahahah you know me I love to eat !

2. THE USE OF THE WORD EH ? :) Im Canadian and I always say eh and people know im Canadian right away when i say that lol its so funny when I go visit a different country

3. UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE – This for obvious reasons is one thing I love about Canada. Especially considering my condition I totally need it. Im very lucky to be in this Country right now

4. HOCKEY- ok sooo I know our hockey team sucks but I am Canadian and we love our hockey..so even though they constantly dissapoint…. Go leafs go !

5.REDROSE TEA- Its only in Canada and I love it soooo much. Its the best tea ever !

6. TIM HORTONS- I know its branched out into the Us market a bit but its HUGE here people are addicted to the coffee.. I dont drink coffee but its like fun to hang out there lol :)

7. MOLSON CANADIAN- As Homer would say “MMMM BEER” Yumsies :) hahah. We love our beer and a nice cold Canadian on a patio on a hot day is heaven.

8.BEAVER- Get your dirty minds out of the gutter Im talking about the animal LOL… Dont you just love a good beaver ;) Wanna see mine ? Join me on cam later but get your free screenname first and come in and have free time with me :)

9. DRAKE- You all knew I was gonna put this one on here ! I love my Drake so woooot…….Now playing Drake “Im on one”

10. MAPLE SYRUP- Which I will be pouring all over my huge breasts later on my free webcam ! Im celebrating so all of you new free fanclub members get free time with me yup ! Free :)

Ok guys so of course Canada day wouldnt be right without Canada day pics right lol right ! So voila lol :) The free full set is in my free fanclub and a naughty vid…Where I get totally Canadian on your asses lol. Im one crazy bouncy Canuck :) and you get to see all that live on my webcam !! Lets make our own fireworks :)

Get your free screenname and if your Canadian I wanna see something Canadian in there :) hehe



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3 Responses to “HAPPY CANADA DAY EH :)”

  1. Legace

    Taylor, I know you are going through a lot at the moment but I just wanna say, judging by these new photos you’d never know it. You look simply astonishing. Wish I could see videos of these photo shoots too. You could release a DVD full of them, I’d buy it definately.

  2. hey justin i appreciate your comment but ive been sick and dealing with cancer. I dont believe i have to be skinny to be gorgeous sweetie :) im glad you were a fan

  3. aww legace thank you soo much ! I will have that available in my upcoming store ty so much :)

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