Hey everyone, just wanted to fill you in on my doggy Shaggy. He was my first ever dog and I love him to death. He has had a lot of health issues latley I guess like his mommy. He has been very sick mentally and physically since I got him back from my ex…its a sad complicated story but hes with me for the most part now finally.

Hes had really bad anxiety and stuff and he chews his tail to the point where it had to get amputated (this was all when he was with my ex) and now for the last 8 months or so hes been living with a cone around his head, its been really hard on him. I have tried everything. I wish Cesar Milan could help. Everyone please feel free to email Ceasar about him cause I could use his help. I just cant put him down hes the love of my life and right now I cant take a loss, he brings me so much joy, but if it means putting him out of his pain then thats what I would do.

I took  this vid of him and I hes such a little baby I love him so much he sits on my lap and just hugs me. Hes the best doggy ever ! This vid is kinda super personal cause I was going through a hard day/time but I always show you this side of me so im  going to show you now again. :) Please feel free to upload it to YOU TUBE too and add it to your favourites maybe Shaggy will be famous for being so cute :) BTW i warn u i cannot sing but im singing to my doggy so its not like its american idol lol :)

I love you guys im online now so get your free screenname and lets have some fun :) Big hugs and kissees. Im giving away TY packages to all of you who get a free screenname HERE :)


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3 Responses to “MY SHAGGY…”

  1. Anonymous

    cute doggie

  2. Butch

    Shaggy is a cute little furry dude. I think with a lot of TLC and health assistance he may pull through. You might want to ask a vet that’s seen him him whether it may or may not be advisable to possibly get another dog for him to eventually get comfortable and pal around with to occupy his mind and provide a healthy distraction.

  3. Anonymous

    Can I just bang your nice ass and tits?

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