Well as you all know im a football girl and I have been to quite a few football games lately thanks to a generous fan of mine !! Im so happy I was able to go see the monday nighter in Philly.. it was soo much fun . I love to tailgate I just love hanging out with everyone even the opposing teams fans. I had just finished NJ exxxotica and it was the best way to end a great weekend with my fans. Some of my fans from exxxotica were actually gonna be at the game. I was rooting for the eagles that night I had front row seats it was soo awsome. I am so blessed. So i drove to Philly sadly without Kelly Divine who is FROM philly I hated being in her hometown without her. I did try the philly cheesesteak I dunno If i liked ginos or pats better. I think Gino’s was the winner :) yummm !

I had a blast that night the atmosphere and energy was amazing I tailgated with everyone drank beer and just partied it up !! I really needed to let loose like that. There was an eagles fan that had an old vw that wasnt even a car it was a KEG ! That was fricking awesome !. Life is about making memories and I know for a fact life is short so this was great. The bears fans were great we had bbq beer and good times.

Ill be uploading all the naughty and non naughty pics to my free fanclub so make sure you get your free screenname now !  Don’t forget I am giving away free holiday gift packages to everyone who joins HERE FREE :) email me your addy afterwards :) !

Ty to everyone this is gonna be a kick ass new year.. I am nominated by XBIZ for webbabe of the year its a huge deal and honour just to be nominated ! Come to my free fanclub and find out why Ive been the reigning webcam queen :) heheh lots of bouncy good times. Enjoy the pics lots more inside the fanclub.

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  1. Kaleb Burroughs (email: kalebburroughs@yahoo.com

    How are you feeling. i hope your doing alright.glad you kicked the big C right where it counts.
    If someone likes you for you juggs, they never actually liked you at all srry but im just giving you a hint.
    When i saw the comments on here i thought “Damn, these fucking people are completely retarded” a man should like a women for their personality not their looks or cleavage. if you ever find someone that likes you for you then you are the luckiest women on the earth if.
    Srry if this makes you mad but its true, if a man likes a women for the size of their cleavage he never really liked you at all.
    Whoever agrees write me an email.

  2. boobhound

    I can’t believe you were in Philly and I didn’t know it!! You have no idea how much I’m crying right now! I wish I had known, headbanger, I wish I had known.

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