Ok guys its NO secret I love Drake lol and Miami so when Drake was doing his tour in Miami I obviously had to be there lol. I was there for other reasons but that was a pleasant surprise. Since im single Valentines day was just another day to me I always make it fun and its so nice you guys and your gifts flowers balloons just made it great :) .

The Drake concert was phenomenal and it was particularly amazing because He did a special shout out to me and stopped the music for me which of course im gonna go nuts over right !! hahah I was too busy screaming to him lol and paying attention to him to get it on my own camera but thankfully these amazing girls i met behind me (super cool btw) caught as much as they could of him talking to me on their phone and they sent me the footage :) . It was just a great moment and a lot of fun I loved it. I kept screaming “im from canada” lol

Heres the vid with some captions cause it was hard to hear but I had to post it LOL :) It was an amazing night and I wont forget it. Memories are so important im glad these girls got this or I would just be repeating the story over and over and over.. no really I would LOL

Speaking of AMAZING…you guys are in for a super treat this week because I am extending March Madness and we are gonna have some funnnnnnnnn on cam I have a ton of tricks up my sleeve. Grab your free screenname now and get exclusive entry to my cam shows. I will be LIVE alllllllll week LONG.. I know you have all missed me and missed me online regularly but no need to worry because im all yours.

I am also uploading a BOATLOAD of NEW PICS AND VIDS to the free fanclub so you guys are gonna get your daily or hourly lol dose of Taylor. I am super excited so many new things are coming your way from ME :) woot woot  ! Get your free screenname now you dont wanna miss this party !

So here is the Vid of the DRAKE concert in Miami..and I will see you all ONLINE later get in on it im feeling super bouncy. !

Here are some pics of my pretty dress I wore to the concert I still got into the spirit of it and someone sent me some beautiful flowers and balloons.

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  1. Naffy

    Hey hey Tay! Just dropping by to share some love and say that I’m glad you’re doing fine! :*
    Also, the topless movie reviews you did the otherweek were amazing, loved the very idea of it, and the fact you are there only makes things better <3

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