Hey guys :) I know I still have a lot of updates to update you on BUT it is NATIONAL CLEVAGE DAY so today I am doing a formspring friday post for you all before I do another post catching up with all the good stuff thats been going on! But you know I love answering all your questions :) so today im answering more of your formspring questions now that they fixed it all up :) . Remember my formspring account is always open im TAYSTEVENS69 on there so ask me anything.

Since Ive been having such an amazing time with march madness and on cam with you guys Ive extended my  march madness promo. So grab your FREE exclusive screenname and email me via my get in touch button and let me know what your screenname is and you will have full access to me LIVE :) wooot ! Funnnnnn. I love giving back to you guys your so awesome ! I also will be doing hourly giveaways and tons of cool shit.

Im really excited.. there are so many new things happening in my life. I almost forget im sick. Its great to have your support and your love. You guys are whats gotten me through everything ! Ty all so much I couldnt ever be more grateful.

So lets have a great marathon week and lets party on camera boys ! Get your FREE SCREENNAME here NOW !

Ok.. on to the questions :) comments (ignorant or not i answer all) :) some shit is too funny

1. Do you wake up early ?

I hate mornings im not a morning person I think the fact that chemo and hospital visits are always so fucking early they put me in a bad mood but I never liked mornings. Im up very very late usually on lol. I also find that no matter what time I wake up I consider it my morning and im most productive right when I get up, its gym, errands work. :)

2. How often do you have sex and how often do you masturbate ?

Well im single right now so my sex life is slow but its my choice. I masturbate daily I think rubbing one out every day is important and healthy lol :) I usually get one or two great orgasms in especially on cam lol. I have an extremely high sex drive. Im a very sensual and sexual person.

3. Wow you are beautiful. Cant think of a way to put that in question form.

LOL thank you so much. Thats super sweet. :) No compliment ever goes unnoticed for me. It always makes a woman feel good to hear shes beautiful so thank you for making my day.

4. What reality show would u love to be on ?

LOL all of them hahah no.. umm my own. But if I had to choose I love big brother or survivor. I also love mob wives but im not one so who knows. I am addicted to reality tv. Its hard not to watch a train wreck lol. I might have to get on Jersey shore to show a couple of them how to dress. lol

5. Do nice guys finish last ?

Nope not in my books. There are nice guys out there and im sure they will come when the time is right. Not every girl is looking for a bad guy she just wants a good guy.

6. Inbox me with HOT SEX.

what ? lol

7. What is the one thing you cant live without ?

My doggies.

8. Who are the top 5 point guards in the NBA ?

Well thats easy :) Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Steve Nash, Russell Westbrook, Devin Harris

9. Did you wash your pussy today ?

Yes everyday did u wash your cock ?

10. What is your happy place or your happiest memories ?

My happiest memories are when my dad was still alive he passed away when I was 6 but it was the times i smiled the most. My happy place is actually when I go visit him, im the calmest and happiest and nothing else in the world matters at that moment.

Ok guys thats enough formspring for today. I hope everyone is going to join me by getting a free screenname and having some kick ass bouncy fun on cam :) this weekend. Lets have a great one :)



Here are some shots of me in Miami

And in honour of National Clevage Day ….

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