Hey guys I know its been a while since Ive updated but you are going to be FULL to the brim with new stuff and new blog posts so Ill def be making up for lost time. I havent updated because I was having problems uploading the most awesome pics :) So I cannot wait to fill you guys up and my free fanclub with all the fun and good times ive been having and all the kick ass things you are just going to LOVE. I was doing some extreme shooting in Las Vegas, as you all know I will be getting a place there as well as here since it is second home to me and my very close friends are moving there soon and I have some awesome friends already there. It just makes sense.

Lots of things to update you about but for now I am doing a March Madness Special so everyone grab your free screenname and get in on an exclusive party week :) . Im gonna get super naughty and will be LIVE on cam every day !. Its time to BOUNCE back into things :) Dont forget that once you get your free screenname and email it to me I will give you a special code that allows you entry to my super party :) . Your gonna have a blast.

Also to celebrate I am giving away special springtime packages for all free fanclub members so get in on the fun you dont wanna miss out.

I will see you guys all online :) tonight :) Im back and will be available for you all the time :) More posts coming stay tuned :) xoxox


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