HIII guys :) Being that its spring break and March Madness I decided to do a Taylor gone wild special for all of you :) I will be doing a  March Madness marathon starting this weekend :) live on my webcam. Everyone who gets free screenname here will have access to my LIVE shows. I will be doing HOURLY giveaways and contests. I will be online daily from 3pm-3am and I will be knocking your socks off with my bouncy boobies ! Its an adult only event so make sure you are 18+ :) I will be having a blast back in action again :)

Once you get your free screenname and you send me an email with the name I will give you the entry code to my members only fanclub :) so I cant wait to see you its time to play with tay. Strap yourselves in this is gonna be a fun MARCH :)

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