Hey guys !! Happy Easter weekend to all of you who are celebrating it right now :) Spring has sprung the butterflies are out :) and its looking to be an amazing summer. I love easter weekend good food, good times and white chocolate easter bunnies LOL my mom always used to hide those as part of the easter egg hunt when I was a kid. She always got my brothers the regular chocolate and got me the white ones lol. It was so much fun. I got a bunch of easter eggs and coloured them.

Im middle eastern and im sure a lot of peoples cultures do this but we have egg competitions where I pick an egg and you pick an egg and we go to a duel while saying a good wish to each other and whoevers egg cracks first loses and the person with the non cracked egg goes to the next person till someone is a winner. Its fun :) . I always seem to win lol I know how to pick the hard ones ;) hahaha.

Speaking of hard ons oops i mean ones hahaha…I will be LIVE this weekend for an official exclusive for all of you. The Taylor Stevens bunny hunt…Come find my hidden eggs ;) . I will be live for all of you and once you get your free screenname here and email me HERE with it I will give you an entry code so you can all join my EXCLUSIVE live bunny show :) woot woot ! I will also be giving away free prizes every hour. I wonder how many eggs I can balance in my boobies LOL. Make sure you come and find out. I will also be uploading a TON of pics to the free fanclub!

So come see me LIVE for a bouncing good time and enjoy the awesome easter weekend :) .



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  1. koko

    i luv u

  2. Will you marry me I just love how pretty you are dos guys love your tits but I love you give me your number and we can talk

  3. Anonymous

    Spank bank

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