Hey guys !! Its been a while, things have been really hectic with doctors, moving and all kinds of great things but its been a while since I posted and Its time to catch up :) Im gonna leave this post simple since its one of many today :) . I have been doing tons of shooting and you guys are gonna LOVE the new stuff coming :) . Im doing a special fan club show later for all those who grab their free screenname and join me live on cam :) . You guys have been amazing and I miss you tons. Lets see what questions and comments you had recently :)

1. Tay what is your favourite pastime when you have free time I know your a busy girl ?

I am very busy I am a virgo so I’m always wanting to be productive and go go go. I do need to find some balance and relax a bit cause its better for my health. But I love spending time with the family and to me my family is my close friends and my doggies. I love playing poker watching sports and I love to workout :)

2. Your still single what does it take for someone to have a chance with you ?

Look I’m an average girl, its not that I am picky its that I am enjoying being single right now. I also have so much to focus on health wise and career wise that I just don’t feel its fair to bring someone into my life while I’m going through such an enormous battle with cancer. I still date but Im not looking for anything serious right now. I need to focus on me.  But I’m single by choice and its ok cause when that day comes that I decide to go serious I think that the right person will eventually come along and if not thats ok too.

3. I think you have a big nose and your ugly.

Aww ty so much lol…I wish you could come up with something a bit better then that. I love my nose because its my fathers nose. My father passed away when I was 6 and I will never change it. I think it adds character. As far as you thinking I’m ugly thats ok, I’m not everyones cup of tea and everyone is entitled to their opinion i just don’t think that spitting out hateful rude comments really gets you anywhere. Stay positive and maybe take a look at yourself first ? YES I HAVE A BIG NOSE wow super news flash I have big tits a big heart and a big brain too fyi :) I like to keep things proportioned :)

4. If you could be in a time machine where would you go and why ?

Id go back to 6 years old before my dad past away and hug him one last time. Id make sure we spent that whole day at the race track because we always used to go and watch the horses. I miss him if I could change time I would. I was happiest then.

5. What 3 songs are you listening to right now ? I know music is a big part of your life.

Oh music is so important to me. Its gotten me through some of the toughest moments of my life. Everyone knows I love hip hop but for me its about the lyrics. I have been listening to a lot right now but here are the top 3

1. Ambition – Wale ft Meek Mill

2. No lie- 2 chaiz ft drake

3. Hurt- Johnny Cash :)

Heres a few teaser pics for you :) because the rest will be uploaded to my free fanclub so get your free screenname and join me LIVE @ for a bouncy time.

Big Tits Webcam Babe, Taylor Stevens

Big Tits Webcam Babe, Taylor Stevens

Big Tits Webcam Babe, Taylor Stevens

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  1. James Williams

    taylor looks good in green looking very sexy and hot i get hard when see her on a video and or a picture taylor if you read this i am big fan of yours and i have major crush on you and are you single or anything i would like to get know you more if i took you out on a date i would treat you with respect and ill treat you like a woman and i would take you to see a movie or having walk in the park

  2. Tony

    While your blog looks great why do none of the links on your playwithtay site work? are you in need of some HTML work? if you are let me know i’m looking for some freelance work and could help you get that site spruced up if its not working to your satisfaction.

  3. Marco

    I’m really impressed by your strong and joyful spirit!
    I wish you all the best, from my heart!

    And, by the way, I think that the sexiest part of you is your way of smile, the light in your shining eyes…
    and your nose, of course, that gives you your adorable expression!

    A friend from Italy

  4. Hootervillefan

    Taylor at the Devils game

  5. OMG: Comment #3 (“big nose and ugly”) ?? Dude are u blind, gay, or just flat-out lying?? I mean like 30 minutes
    ago I caught my very first sight of this “Love of all things penis” — and ever since I can’t do anything but let my jaw
    sit right where it dropped on the floor; hunting for more of pix of her–mouse in one hand, cock in the other…I mean
    the first time I seen her without all those pesky clothes blocking my view, I was in my hand so fast…the sound of my
    palm smacking my shaft echoed all the way down the hallway….and then back!!! I am exaggerating for dramatisation,
    but barely! If Tay is ugly, then: #1) water ain’t wet; #2) the sky ain’t blue; #3) the Earth ain’t round; and most of all…
    #4) I LOVE ugly chicks with big noses (especially with this awesome set of big tits right underneath)

    I would love to lick her where she pees; WHILE she pees (LOL j/k…maybe??) then stick my head up her ass so I can
    lick the back of her teeth!! MMMM…yummy!

  6. adrian

    tay tay tay !!!!!your my favourite girl tay,so hot
    big kiss on ya ass!!!

  7. Smith_Jones

    wow, you’re the sexy goddess

  8. cris

    This photo shoot is one of my favorites I can’t get enough of your log hot legs love you tay stay beautiful baby.

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