Hey guys.. well as you all know its been a hectic couple of weeks for me lol. I was in La for a party and a generous fan bought me tickets to the LA kings game 4 and from that day forward it was all history LOL. La was so much fun. I couldnt believe everything that transpired. It was all from going to a hockey game.

So for those of you that might be under a rock lol I was behind the new jersey devils bench in game 4 and it turns out Peter Deboer (amongst other players lol) gave me a bit of a look. Or so they say well they said and they got it on video lol. Here it is …

My boobies made headlines :) But Peter was a really great sport about it and said some really funny things which you can see in the articles lol like buying me a ticket to the nj game since my efforts at distracting them didnt work for that game. I thought its all just been super fun.

From that point forward it was nuts !! I didnt realize that I was trending on twitter or that anything had happend till I got out of the Staples centre because I didnt have wifi. But apparently I was the talk of the town from bloggers, worldwide news, tmz, i went from getting ready to see the kings win the cup to interviews and appearances lol and it was just crazy. It was world wide news i was in the home paper and my mom called to say hey your in the toronto sun lol. Despite some negative attention it was all super positive and i have been having so much fun with it. People were suprised to know I know my shit when it comes to sports. I was lucky enough to have that same fan get me the seats to game 6 where the Kings took the cup. Being a part of that moment and that history was amazing.

I had to laugh at myself and the situation people actually thought I was a plant for the LA kings. Lets give those boys a bit more credit guys lol. I decided to do a fun video for funny or die just to have fun with the whole situation. It was a lot of work but it was great. Here is the video i uploaded to you tube and the link to the actual funny or die vid.

I have met so many great people throughout this and Jimmy Kimmel even gave me a mention lol as well as one of the kings players :) . Theres tons of links and tons of articles so If i keep writing I could write forever lol. But I figure ill put up some of the stuff for you all to read. Even Ocho Cinco wrote a blog lol.

Tmz managed to find me at the Vitamin water event in LA lol the link

Me in one of the local papers :)

more fun behind the bench game 6

boobs were definitely behind deboer

Jimmy Kimmel fun :)

The trending #boobsbehinddeboer that night inspired me to do something great with all this newfound publicity. I decided to start bidding the outfits i wore. So i have the domain of which i have already sold the infamous shirt I wore to game 4 and still 2 days left for the remaining shirt from game 6. Proceeds from both shirts are going to 2 organizations very close to my heart. One is and the other I have battled obesity and am currently battling Cancer with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. I wanted to do something to make this feel worth it. If your intrested go bid :) .

Special thanks to @crs_one for all his help :) You guys are amazing now lets get have even more fun with this. :) Get your #free screenname and lets play at :)

Im still doing tons of interviews and appearances but always put you guys first :) Love you !!

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  1. Nate

    Just when you think hockey couldn’t get any better!

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