Hiya guys :) Happy friday !! I mentioned I had some catching up to do :) im super glad you guys enjoyed my last blog post :) . Im known to get a little naughty right ;) heheh. I had to travel to Toronto for family and to see the doctors so I wasnt at playwithtay a lot this week but wooot woot ! I am back ! And bouncier then ever of course :) I will be LIVE all week long so get your free screenname now and join me :) . Make it clever I always love to see the screennames you guys come up with lol.

I wanted to post about the AMAZING time I had at chicago exxxotica it was great I absolutely love chicago and the people in it they are amazing :) . The convention was super fun and I loved hanging out with you guys. Im always gonna be there for you just how you are with me. There was so much fun going on it was hard to stop smiling lol, chicago fans were hassling me because last year I had cubs posters and I had so many people come up to me and be like “awww man you look hot but im a sox fan” lmao. So this year #smh this year, i decided to do a sox set just for them and then I got MORE fans mad lol because they are like take the sox picture down lmao. There were a bunch of sox fans though lol but they asked me which one I really liked and I said the cubs because everyone knows last year I started with the cubs picture for a reason :)

Lets start a poll :) you choose :)


or white sox ? :)

Hehe so you have those which btw are available to purchase in 13X19 autographed by sending 30 $ to via paypal :)

So, back to the convention :) Super fun hanging out with the confident strong beautiful cherokee d’ass we were beside each other and she was super cool to talk to. I of course loved hanging out with my awesome girls Sophie Dee and Gianna Micheals :) they are so much fun ALWAYS. And then I got a visit from the ever so sexy Caramel Vixen, that girl has a heart of pure gold and we always always have a BLAST :)

Here are the pics for you guys :) Its gonna be a great week I will be online all week long so make sure you grab your free screenname and get to asap :) for boobies fun and much more :) . I have a ton of surprises in store for you :)

And I know you all love my outfits for the conventions so here are some of me posing for the cameras :) step and repeat hahah :) I was posing since the day i was born lol :)

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  1. Secret_Agent Man!!

    I’m not really a sports fan, so when it comes down to choosing a team…I just go with the most aggressive mascot for the hell of it. Since a cub can straight up maul a sock/stocking into confetti, I would go with the cubs. But your White Sox pic is making me think otherwise. So I think I’m gonna go with the White Sox. Final answer. What can I say, you utilized sports instruments in nifty ways with the Sox than the Cubbies. :)

  2. Christopher

    Cubbies? I think it should say chubbies and I don’t see any White Soxs; just Twins

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