Hi Hi everyone, although this is only a quick update I will have a longer more detailed post about my recent trip to Europe in particular Macedonia again where I had an amazing time with amazing people. I am palestinian born in Canada but have macedonian roots and ties as well. I hated to leave but I am extremely happy to be back and see my doggies who were big furballs lol. Their hair grew soo much I got them groomed the next day. I am still jetlagged and trying to get back to normal not feeling super great but Its gonna take a while I was gone 5 weeks afterall. My whole system has to adapt back to Toronto.

Most of all I missed all of you !!!!!!!!!!! Its my birthday month woot woot !! My birthday is september 20th guys and for those of you asking to spoil me and what I like here is my wishlist and you can also go to I love love love goodies and love to spoil back.

But since its my birthday month, Im doing super specials LIVE on cam. Everyone who uses THIS special link and joins me will get free goodies too ! I am feeling very generous so make sure you get your Free Screenname to my live cam using THIS link if you have a cute name you used send it to me ! I cannot wait to have some fun with you guys, I am ready to get back to bouncing, button bursting shows, oily fun and of course since its still warm here wet-tshirt shows. Its gonna be a fun month and im so so glad to be back.

This is your FREE ticket to see me :) make sure you use it

Now, on to the #alsicebucketchallenge. Als is actually a cause close to my heart a very close friend of mine lost his father to Als and im glad to see more awareness and donations being made. While i was in europe I was challenged to do an ice bucket challenge by a fan and friend of mine adrian. I was however in a part of the country where ice was very scarce so I waited till just now when I got home to do it so I have it for you. I have nominated @sarajayxxx @brianna_jordan @Nikkibenz and @amyanderssen :) Enjoy lol :)

If you dont know what ALS is or want to donate please go to and learn more about this disease that affects so many people.

So guys remember I will be LIVE all month doing daily birthday specials and giving away tons of taylor goodies for you ! Use this FREE link and join me at !! Im so excited and you know how I get when I get excited LOL. Oh and I have a TON of NEW never before seen pictures and videos being uploaded to my FREE FANCLUB that you get full access to when you use this link and join :) . Here is a tiny preview ..

I wanted to quickly touch on one thing. I am so so proud of my Freeones win for best webcam girl but I am not going to be participating in the contest this year. I have a lot on my plate and would like you all to please redirect ANY and ALL votes that you would have given to me to @Nikkibenz she is an amazing person and amazing at what she does she deserves to win this. SO yes VOTE but vote for @Nikkibenz !! Another amazing canadian beauty!

Remember my instagram is : @taystevens

Love you tons


Tay !

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  1. LB

    You are the most amazingly beautiful woman ever! :)

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