Hey everyone !! Oh boy have I missed you. Last I updated you guys I was headed to NJ for @exxxotica and then off to Vegas for some important meetings and shoots ! Its been a couple weeks and I havent updated because when I got back I got hit with a really mean flu that I still have as im writing this but I am feeling much better then I was the last couple of weeks! So time to catch you up and to let you know what is in store the next month ! I had an amazing time @exxxotica NJ.

As most of you know I havent been to an exxxotica convention in a while its was a very tough year and a half for me. I got very sick and then I also had a death in the family which hit me really really hard. I lost my father when I was 6 years old and have lost people as ive grown up but it really never does get easier. Dealing with that has been hard but as they say time heals all wounds. Ty all for your support during that time.

New Jersey was soo much fun its one of my favourite conventions to go to ! I love the vibe, I love the fans I love seeing people i have not seen in a long time and made new relationships both professional and personal. Its always great to be surrounded by awesome people. I was there with the @porncalendar booth with my amazing girls@msshylastylez @kellydivine and the gorgeous @richelleryan. I had not met richelle in person before the convention but she was so awesome. I had a great time sharing a booth with these girls. Shyla and I go way back and it was amazing to see her and be around her and of course you guys know that me and Kelly go way back too and have been side by side in many conventions. Was so great to have fun with her she always makes me laugh.

The most fun though was YOU all my fans. You guys are what keeps me going what keeps me smiling. I loved meeting a ton of new fans and seeing old familiar faces. I always remember a face :) You guys had me laughing and Im so glad so many of you left with tons of my goodies and dvds that are ONLY available at shoptaylorstevens.com. The other amazing part was being able to FINALLY get my fanny award !! It was awesome they got it on video and they gave me my trophy for best cyba hustler (aka best webstar, best webcam) soo awesome !! Ty to all the fans that came out to see me it was great to be back and I cannot wait to see you all at the next one !!

This is day 1. I always love day 1 cause its opening day and Ladies night woot and everyone gets together and sees each other for the first time and there is just such positive energy and we are all meshing together having fun at the booth. Its my favourite ! I met soo many amazing ladies that weekend. I did many interviews and I was told I was one of the top ten hottest girls @exxxotica on twitter. As you all know I love dazzling you with my boobies and my outfits :) I did lots of fun topless pics and Lots of pics with you guys. So here are some fun pics from that weekend. :)

These are some pics from day 1

Me in My gold dress

Me and Richelle being silly and crazy :)

Me @nikkidelano (who is sooo awesome sweet and sexy) and the always gorgeous@kendralust and @richelleryan

Me@richelleryan and @brianna_lee_xx all having super girl fun :)

Me and the sweetie @briannalee and @kendralust

Me and the most awesome girly @sunnylane OMG i havent seen her in soo long and she has always been such an amazing person to me ! Im so glad i saw her LOVE HER !

Me and @therealpinkyxxx always having fun with each other :)

Me and some of my awesome fans :)

So, now we are on to day 2…… Me in my hotel room getting prepped for the day :)

Yaay super excited to get my fanny award for cyba hustla (aka best webcam girl, best webstarlet call it what you want )!

Me and my amazing canadian friend always there always supportive @msshylastylez

Me and the beautiful @missbrookehaven we got to stare across from each other all weekend woot !

Me and @richelleryan getting frisky on day 2 I dont think we ever stopped feeling each other up lol

Me and my pretty friend who was working @ the sapphire booth across from me

Me and some fans gosh I love my fans so much ty all for the pics !!  The first pic is of my most awesome friend @crs_one love him I put him to work that day lol. Big help in the booth. Then he got spanked by a dominatrix but hey thats @exxxotica life lol.

Just a couple more of me @ the booth having fun !! Remember all these items are available only at conventions like this or on my store shoptaylorstevens.com so grab something you like :)

And on to day 3 #sundayfunday #footballsunday. I love the pretty dresses and dressing up but on sunday its football day and everyone that knows me knows when its football season Im always repping my team @ the convention.

Sunday is a bitter sweet day cause its ending and the hours are shorter and you have to say goodbye to everyone. But I had a blast and of course I had my ipad with my football scores and games with me @ the booth. And you know of course I was repping my patriots !! Here are just some of me goofing around at the booth… 

Me and the beautiful @nikkibenz its always a highlight of my trip when I see her !!

Me and my amazing friend @sarajayxxx I need to spend more time with her at these !!

Me @richelleryan @sarajayxxx all wearing our teams jerseys 

Me and one of my favourite security guards and guys @wbprotection he wasnt too happy about my shirt lol well the team on it more specifically lol

Me and @brianna_lee_xx I think i made her into a patriots fan even though she lives in denver lol woot ! I love converting !! LOL

And of course@kellydivine @richelleryan and me all decided sunday was rep your team day so we had a LOT of fun doing a silly little twerking video for you. Its silly but hey gotta have fun in life. They got the perfect asses for it but I got the titties !!! LOL here it is

The fun little video clip LOL…

Since it was hot in there I was giving away my little water bottles lol. As you all know I drink a shit ton of water lol. So i was educating everyone on the importance of it lol!

So guys now that I have updated you with that fun time !! I have news for you for the Holiday Season !!

I am going into DECEMBER MADNESS. I am sooo glad to be back that I will be online DAILY. I am in the giving mood so anyone who uses THIS FREE DECEMBER MADNESS CHRISTMAS LINK will get a personal item from shoptaylorstevens.com just for you and some extra naughty goodies too. !

I will also be doing giveaways live on cam every hour on the hour so make sure you use MY PERSONAL FREE LINK to get in on the Live bouncy fun. Im going to be doing tons of Oil and Button bursting shows I wanna do everything I can to make you all have a boobtastic christmas !! My boobies are ready are you ? HeHe

Everyone who comes to see me at PLAYWITHTAY.COM and uses MY PERSONAL FREE LINK to join is eligible to win the grand prize raffle draw that I will give away just after New Years Eve. Once you have joined with MY FREE LINK and email me your screenname to tay@taystevens.com your name will get put in a raffle that wins you a FREE skype session with me ! I am also selling the tickets on my store shoptaylorstevens.com if you want extra chances !!

Im also giving away a FREE WEBCAM session  and then some to the TOP TIPPER in december  just come in to playwithtay.com when im online and tip me if you like and your tips will be recorded on record or go HERE to tip me.

Im feeling super giving and My fans as everyone knows are the world to me !! So get ready for December madness boys and girls its gonna be a crazy month.

For those of you wanting to spoil me this christmas and to those who have been asking me I appreciate it all in advance my wishlist is SPOILTAY.COM. As those of you who have purchased something for me or from me from SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM know I gift back. You will recieve a gift back from me for your thoughtfulness. The more generous you are the more generous I am. Its the season of giving !!! You guys deserve it.

Ty all soo much for trying to make a hard year better for me. It means so so much to know you care and I want you to know I care too.

Cannot wait to see you all LIVE @playwithtay.com



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