Hey guys !! Wow has it ever been a long time…  I have missed you all so so much :) I cannot wait to be back LIVE on cam with you guys !!  SO much has transpired since we last spoke so make sure you use my FREE LINK and join me LIVE to catch up.

Last time I posted was in August, when you all helped me win Miss Ifriends 2017 ty soo much that award means so much to me you guys mean so so much to me ! I love you guys and really have missed you all so much. I have been dealing with a LOT of family and health issues that have prevented me from being on cam as much as I would have liked. You all know that my family has to come first and my health especially being a cancer survivor. My health is not great right now but I want to feel normal again with you on CAM !

I am happy to announce though that I will be back to my regular schedule of camming which is tues-sat 2pm-12am :) and of course if you guys want to purchase private sessions you can do so here at my STORE :) .

I hope you all have been doing well. I was nominated for AVN again :) Most spectacular boobs it was such a pleasure to be nominated :) .

Oh and THE PATRIOTS WON THE SUPERBOWL !! I am soooo happy :) As some of you may or may not know I am a huge sportsbetting girl :) and i was in the largest sportsbetting contest in the world this NFL seas and finished 242 of almost 2000 people :) thats not bad not bad at all heheh :) .  I also have been doing many interviews and such you should all check my latest interview HERE with @thesonnyvega and his sports podcast called the walnut sports show !! Its super fun and I had a blast doing it check it out HERE at WWW.SONNYVEGA.COM

Now guys :) this blog post could be a thousand pages long lol because I have so much to say but since you guys all love my candid pics i will just leave it here for where to find me and let you look at tons of good pics.

The main reason for this post is to let you all know IM BACK !! I have so much missed camming with you guys so make sure you use my FREE Link PLAYWITHTAY.COM & join me live on cam a lot of you have been trying to pre book but right now its super busy so there are not many bookings avail get in while you can.

Speaking of bookings …. if you have any booking inquiries email me I only do custom videos very limited times of the year so if you would like a custom video email me about it and or go to my store WWW.SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM

I will be doing another blog post soon to do some Q& A as you all love to do :)

Here are some pics for you guys never before seen the full uncensored set will be uploaded to my FANCLUB at PLAYWITHTAY.COM ..they were in my thicker days but hey i was a cutie with a bootie lol and boobies lmao

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