Before I leave for Europe !!  Hi hi guys well that last week went by super fast !! But one more week of me online full time for you guys ! Then my schedule is going to be not as frequent and going to vary big time. Im leaving for Europe and super excited to bring you NEW exciting photos all uploaded of course to the FREE FANCLUB ! I am gonna be a busy bee down there but i of course will be LIVE for you guys so use this FREE LINK and get in on the action of me bouncing for you all over the globe :)

Since it is my last full week online !! I am going to be random specials for all fans who use this FREE LINK and join me LIVE ill be doing random giveaways at all different times at least 3 times a day and will be announcing the members randomly ! If you havent got your free screenname yet get it now with MY PERSONAL FREE LINK !

Also remember, I get a lot of emails and nudges from you when im offline and i do get them but my schedule for the week is pretty good I like to be on for all your time zones this weeks schedule will roughly be the same 11am est-10pm est :) maybe later for some of you guys. Sundays are normally my days off but this week If im not too busy doing last minute errands I will be online till the night before i leave which is wed :) . So boys get your fill with this FREE LINK of  my boobie bouncing fun shows and lets all have some fun.

Oh in case i forgot to mention ;) I will be doing random BIKINI and OIL shows and BUTTON BURSTING shows allllllll week long RANDOMLY so make sure you dont miss out you know how i get when im excited im a ball of energy hec even when im not im a ball of energy !! So remember this FREE LINK is what you need if you havent already done it and come in and see me live !!

I want to make a quick announcement about the Miss Freeones competition this year. I am NOT taking part in it this year. I did not ask or volunteer to be entered into the competition this year they are entering people without even volunteering for it. I vowed last year that i did not want to compete in this competition this year. I dont have the time or energy to devote the contest at this point. So please even if I am in there do NOT vote for me. I want you all to do me a HUGE favour for me and redirect ALL the votes you would for me to my bestie and soemeone who truly deserves to win @brianna_jordan on twitter. Make sure you vote for her. :)

Now questions questions since I am gonna be doing a TON of photoshoots while im away I am doing some random titty tuesday questions… whats your favourite type of titty pics….

underboob ? Barley fitting in the bra? Boobies coming out of the bottom of the bra ? Boobies in tank top no bra ? Fill me in i wanna know what you love the most. :) in photoshoots.

So guys.. since its titty tuesday and im doing bikini shows all week with oil i decided to give you a sneak peek of what you might get. Here are some nice shots for you guys NEW CONTENT uploaded to my FREE FANCLUB. So your job this week is to use this FREE LINK and get as much of tay while you can before i leave heheh :) Cannot wait to play with you all at Playwithtay.com


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Hey everyone !! Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful summer we are having well i know i have waited for it long enough.

I wanted to do a quick update for all of you. I was really sick the last couple weeks and haven’t really been able to respond to all of your emails or be online much. I am however back now but gotta let you know its only for a short while. I will be online regularly for the next 2.5 weeks then I am heading off to Europe for some amazing shoots that I am so excited for ! I will try to do my best being online as much as I can possibly be in Europe because I do NOT want to miss having an amazing time with you guys !! Im sure all of you will love the amazing photoshoots I get to be a part of !!

So I will be on till the end of the month regularly which means NOW is the time to use this special FREE link and join me FREE. I will be online with you guys having a blast !! So for the next two weeks I will be doing a SUPERFAN SPECIAL !! Anyone who uses this FREE link and joins me online will get extra goodies. I will be doing special shows each week that cater to the bubbly bouncy fun that we all have know and love !!

I of course will not be off the grid when I’m gone. I will be connected to you every step of the way I just wanted to let you know that my schedule will be a bit different due to the time change and well enjoying europe :) Life is so short I love that I get to work and play at the same time it makes for amazing experiences and i can bring you guys the best of me.

So don’t forget to join my Free Fanclub for all the new content and updates while I’m away and of course use this FREE link to join me wIth a clever screenname ;) live even in EUROPE !!!

I can’t wait to play with you guys !! So you all know how bouncy and excited i get when i travel hehe Remember this FREE link and join me LIVE on cam every day !! I can’t wait to broadcast to you and of course blog about my travels :)

You guys asked me about my 5 favourite chocolate bars. I dont each much chocolate anymore but when i did here were my favourites. I still think white chocolate is my nemisis but we are talking chocolate bars !!

1. Twix

2. Oh Henry

3. Hershey’s cookies and cream

4. Bounty ( i never used to like coconut but then fell in love with it)

5. Crispy Crunch !!

Here is a sneak peak of some of the NEW PINUP !! content that is uploaded to my FREE FANCLUB.

Cant wait to play with you guys

Love you all tons



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Hey guys its been quite a while since I posted there has been quite a bit going on so I wanted to make sure you guys were up to date.Its been a bit of a hectic year for me. Someone very close to me was very sick and recently passed away and have been dealing with that its very hard to lose anyone you love and it brought back a lot of memories of when I lost my father. But I am doing much better now things take time. And we all get better with time. You guys all know me I am a tough cookie !

I am happy to report that my health is fantastic !! I kicked the shit out of that cancer !! I wanted to thank you all so so much for the outpouring of support during my struggle. Your love, prayers and thoughts all helped me though it without you guys it would have been hell. So from the bottom of my heart thank you all. Im healthier now, my hair is growing back slowly. I am kicking ass and taking names !!

Speaking of kicking ass the LA KINGS seem to be doing a fantastic job !! Hahah Go kings go !! Im super excited for them. I hope they take another stanley cup they deserve it !

So guys, I have also been busy shooting new and sexy content for this site and of course my free fanclub ! I have also been Live on cam quite a bit and cant wait to see all of you !! I will be doing FREE fan shows for all of you daily in appreciation for all your love and care so use this FREE LINK and join me LIVE in video right now !!

I have a lot going on business wise a few different and fun and interesting ventures which are keeping me busy and a shit ton of shooting content for this site when it gets its remodel :) but i always always make time to be LIVE in video for you all !!. Im very excited to bring you everything you’ve been asking for. Im so excited its starting to warm up in Toronto !! I cant wait for all the outdoor festivals and fun stuff !! I have my heart set on going to Dallas in september for the Texas State fair lol and a football game ! I wanna eat fried everything LOL !! September is my bday month so sounds like fun gonna rock my cowboy hat and boots and show em bigger is better in toronto lol :)

Also, for any of you who would like to buy some of my exclusive auction items go HERE for an exclusive piece of me and bid and of course email me if you would like to buy any of my pictures videos panties and never before seen dvds I currently have 6 dvds with exclusive content only sold at conventions :) . !!

In the mean time im going to give you a taste of whats coming to the free fanclub and this site !! Soo…make sure you all use this special free link and join me live on cam !! Lets have some fun .

A preview of what you will get when you join my Free fanclub ! Since summer is coming How bout some sexy ass bikini pics to get it started !! It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini heheh. I will be doing a TON of bikini shows all month :) so get in while you can use this FREE link and see for your self :)

Enjoy and see you soon xoxox

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Hey guys !! Happy new year !! I have missed you all so so much. I know its been a while since I updated you guys things have been crazy. A lot of stuff has been going on and its been really hectic for me to keep up. As some of you may know im currently staying in Toronto instead of Vegas and it is FREEZING !! I am here due to some very serious personal matters and this is just where I need to be right now. I did miss Toronto a lot but Vegas will be seeing me soon. I  definitely miss the Vegas weather, with temperatures in Toronto being -40*c and wind and snow and ice storms !!

As always, with a new year comes new resolutions, new hopes, new goals, new outlooks. For me, my goals are always to strive to be the best person I can be and be the happiest and most successful person I can be. I have however cut a lot of people out of my life that didnt deserve to be there. I had a great 2013 because I learned who my real friends are who was always there for me (insert brianna jordan name here) and i met some great new people who are real true good hearted people (insert nikki benz name here).

When things get rough in your life, you realize who is there for you and im just so thankful that i KNOW that. Life is so short guys, we only have one life to live so live it the way you want with the people that you want and DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.  Being Live on cam with you guys makes me happy :)

Ok so on to the new year :) I am doing super duper fun shows for all my fans live at playwithtay.com make sure you all get your free screenname here and join me. Its a new year I have tons of new things coming for you. I have been working so much on this site behind the scenes that you can expect some amazing changes !! All my fans are finally going to get what they have been asking me for. I will be LIVE bouncy on cam here and its FREE for all of you to join me with this special link.

I want to say I am so thankful to AVN and to XBIZ for my nominations for best solo girl site and best webstarlet. Its always an honour to be recognized for your hard work. Win or Lose. Thank you all so much please keep your votes up for xbiz here !

Since its been a while since i checked in with you guys I have decided to answer some of your questions as usual its always fun, im always blunt honest and give you the REAL answer !  So here are some questions you have asked and some answers, no holds barred.

1. Where would you rather live Toronto or Vegas since you have been travelling so much ?

I got a second home in Vegas because I love it i love the city I love the weather and its always been a part of me. My parents were pregnant with me when they were in Vegas my dad loved to gamble and loved Vegas so its in my blood. Toronto will always be my choice my home, we have a great city we have great health care but as most of you know our winters are fucking FREEZING !!. For me, being a dual citizen would be the best of both worlds.

2. Are you still single ? When can I fuck you ? Do you escort ?

Lol, YOU are one of the reasons I am still single lol, how do you expect to get girls with that mouth ? To answer your question NO you cant fuck me lol. Yes I am single, by choice. I travel a lot and i am focused on my work and my business so im not really interested in maintaining a long term relationship. I date but ive been really hurt in my past and It wears on me i wont lie it definitely gets in the way. I just have a hard time trusting anyone and I dont think that will change anytime soon. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice well… so for me being single having fun making new friends and enjoying life is the most important things to me. If i find love in all that then that would just be the icing on the cake. I will say i have changed a bit I think im ready to open my heart just a tiny wee wee bit. No I do not have not and will not escort.

3. How is your health ? Your Cancer ?

I am so happy to say I am doing extremely well. The effects of having cancer they never leave you. My REAL hair is still growing back its growing back all different its new for me I have a beautiful wig that I wear but i do miss having my real hair and Cancer changed me in so many ways im still trying to figure myself out. I recently had a lump in my breast that came back ok. I just have to always be 110% cautious because of having my cancer and the chemo and radiation I went through. But i feel great and i love life and celebrating it with you LIVE on cam with this special free link HERE :)

4. What is on your tv latley ?

Oh well, I have a TON of shows I love to watch. It was sad to see dexter and breaking bad end but there are so many amazing shows on television. I think you all know i love American Horror Story, Homeland, SCANDAL OMG !! that show is amazing and many more. BUT, as you all know I am a sports and football fanatic and I have been catching up with  A Football life. I absolutley love it I love watching the history of football and how its evolved I love watching the player stories. Just amazing I love the Marty shottenhiemer story and Ted Landry I mean just all of them !! I watch it and i feel like im watching the superbowl lol. Ok enough about that lol.

5. We missed you at conventions this year what have you been up to ?

Well, as you know i have had many personal matters to deal with my health, and the health of my family are my first priority.  Health then wealth. And i know my fans are always there for me by my side supporting me through everything. It means so so much. I have however not been stuck to a hospital bed in the time that I dont spend dealing with personal matters I have been shooting TONS of content and of course constantly being LIVE on my FREE WEBCAM with all of you !!!  Its been amazing and fun and I love my time with you guys I couldnt ask for anything better !

6. What was the most fun thing you did this year ?

Can someone say ROAD TRIP !! Although the reasons for travelling back to Toronto Temporarily were not great the DRIVE back  was awesome. I drove from Vegas to Toronto stopping in all the different states. I passed through utah, colorado (been here before but drove through the rockies was gorgeous) driving through colorado was crazy lots of ups and downs literally lol, the weather changed every 5 minutes the hills were crazy and i was in a truck it was just so different and so fun, then I moved into Nebraska which was soooo fun I spent one night in kearny, and one in Omaha, Omaha was so much fun I went to a diners drive in and dive restaurant which is one of my favourite shows, I watched Boston win the world series !! And then I partied at a country bar and had an amazing time getting country drunk !! LOL. Then It was all flatland pretty much, but the drive was never boring :) Then I landed on Canadian soil and the first thing i did was have to wait for the geese to cross the road lol thats Canada !!  I have fun everywhere I go and this was honestly THE most fun thing I got to do !!

Ok guys its been great catching up but I have a FUN night on WEBCAM planned for you guys so I better go get ready ? In this cold weather how bout a hot oil show ? :) I will see you all LIVE get your free screenname with this special link and let me know your screenname and you will get tons of goodies from me :) I am doing a new year special for January :) Its so cold outside I want all of you to warm up with me at playwithtay.com so everyone who joins with this link in january gets a taylor package full of goodies.

Ill give you a sample of what is inside my FREE FANCLUB :) here are a few pictures for the full uncensored set and video use THIS link and join me FREE :)

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Hi guys I told you id be updating more often :)

Ty all for having a great time with me LIVE on cam and for being so fun. And for always making me smile.

Remember when I put out a shirt with suitcasepimpclothing.com and I told you there was more to come well they did it they put the one the only the legend Tera Patrick on her shirt and she looks sexy as usual. Tera is one of the most amazing people I know inside and out getting to know her in this industry was one of the best parts of it. She is a smart business woman an amazing friend and mother. She is not known as a legend for nothing.

One thing I know about her is that she doesn’t have a filter which i LOVE. She tells it like it is and if she doesn’t believe in you or your product she wont support it. She was groundbreaking for this industry and Im proud to call her my friend.

Now with all those attributes she put out an AMAZING shirt… For those of you who dont know the shirt is from suitcasepimclothing.com and there are ONLY 169 that will ever be sold and printed and each come with your specific favourite number maybe your number is 69 LOL and maybe its 12 (for tom brady, lol ok had to throw that in there) and with all the Tera fanatics out there they are gonna go fast. The shirt if you know the song “marble floors” you know the lyrics are exactly suited for Tera.

Tera and I will be doing some upcoming shoots and events so stay tuned for all that but for now guys go BUY her shirt you would be doing something amazing to support my amazing friend and you would look hot doing it. For those who have already bought the shirt and picked their specific number they are getting tons of inquiries. So just go to suitcasepimpclothing.com and grab YOUR number and YOUR shirt and when you do let both me and Tera know you might get something extra special along with it ( ok when i say might i mean you will) :) Also we have both picked two special numbers from 1 to 169 and who ever hits the t-shirt jackpot and picks these numbers gets something amazing. I LOVE surprises. These are collectors items so if you have mine you def wanna get hers too and theres more to come ;) .

Here are some fun pics of me and Tera at some of our events… There will be many many more to come including a behind the scenes look at Teras exclusive photoshoot…so grab your shirt and wear it for her im sure she will sign it at many of her events :) .

Click this link to go directly to Tera’s shirt …

Here are some fun pics of me and tera :) and of course you can see tons of her pics and vids at terapatrick.com

SEE me live for the specials this week get your free screenname right now :) and join me @ playwithtay

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Hey guys !! I know its been a while huh. Lets just say life has been really hectic lately. Been super busy with travelling but also been very sick. I had a health scare in vegas and Im was in Toronto waiting on my biopsy results. Going through this is all too familiar for my liking. But im one tough cookie and ive done it before and if anything is happening again then I am ready for that too. I want to thank you all so much for always being by my side, ive said it once and ill say it again and again. I have the best fans in the world.

Speaking of the best fans in the world. TY ALL for voting for me for THE FANNYS at the exxxotica convention. I was in the hospital and was unable to attend :( I really wished I could and my heart really wanted to. But i was told the first thing I needed to do was get back home and see my oncologist. But you guys did me so so proud ! I WON !! I won i won I won best cam girl the first ever fanny awards. I needed a win and you guys gave it to me I cant thank you enough. Your relentless voting was amazing. Now im done with the vote for me stuff and its time to get back to being bouncy fun and back on cam with you guys. Im gonna be live all week so make sure you get your free screenname here and join the free fanclub. Ill be live all week with more blog posts for you but for now I wanted to leave with a few pics and say im doing a super welcome back special for 10 straight days those of you who get your free screenname and join me ( make it clever) get extra special taylor goodies sent RIGHT to them. Im mailing out several ty packages to all those who were so sweet and kind while i was in the hospital. TY for being amazing fans.

NOW i know you all missed me and I sure as hec missed you so get your butts to playwithtay and come have some fun with your fan voted award winning number one chathost :) MUAH !

Here are some answers to your ask.fm questions. I couldnt leave you without a few questions :) heheh

1.What is the most played song in your music library?

I play sooo many songs in my music library lol but right now I have Stay by Rhianna on replay quite a bit as well as future and kelly rowland Neva end

2.Have you ever thought about doing porn in the future?

Well I consider what I do now solo porn but if your referring to hardcore porn its always something that crosses my path in interviews and by fans but for me its just not something im interested in doing. I love what I do my fans love what I do so Im gonna go with what is best for me :)

3.Would you let me Suck your nipple ? (this was an actual question)

No since we arent dating lol but you can definitely watch me do it at playwithtay

4. Do you think the leafs will make the playoffs what odds would you give ?

Its clear I havent checked my ask.fm account too much. LOL I had hopes they would make the playoffs they broke my heart but I was very very proud of their efforts. The leafs did way better then I think anyone had expected and took boston to a game 7 which was very close. Im proud of them and I think they are at the very least on the right track.Its a start.

5. You recently won the fannys as best webstarlet do you prefer one award over another ?

A win is a win. Its amazing to be noticed and recognized for your efforts. Its amazing to know that all the time and effort you put in matters. I LOVE what I do its my passion I have no desire to change. The awards that mean the most to me are the ones voted by my fans who clearly put in diligent efforts and work hard voting day in and day out to give me the best the absolute best of them and they deserve nothing less in return. So  yes the trophy and recognition are amazing but to know I have fans friends that would go that extra mile for me thats the best reward I could ever get. :)

Ok guys gotta get these boobies ready to bounce :) MUAH

xoxo Tay

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Hiii guys !! I am so so excited to be writing this write now. You have all been wanting waiting and asking about me being on a T-shirt and FINALLY the wait is over and its here :) . Good things come to those who wait and It is a complete honour to collaborate with Suitcasepimpclothing.com and bring you a shirt that I am so so proud of. I had so so much fun during this shoot letting out my inner bad ass ;) .

Those of you who know me know all of my battles, the things I have overcame, the things I have went through the judgment I face and have faced as we all do in our lives and you know I kill them with kindness, fight strong, and keep my head high. My fans mean everything to me and I wanted to bring you guys something that youve wanted that you would love and love to wear ! This T-shirt collaboration is representative of those things in a modern, sexy, classy, creative way. Everyone knows I don’t do anything I don’t love and this I LOVE and so will you ! You guys do love to wear me out ;) hehehe now you can !

Suitcasepimpclothing.com was the perfect outlet to express my creativity. A company that cared about expression, originality and really bringing what mattered to me to the table and putting it out there. A company that cares about quality not quantity and they absolutley deliver. The details are all listed on their site Suitcasepimpclothing.com.

This T-shirt is a LIMITED EDITION once in a life time shirt. There are only 169 that will ever be made and sold. Each shirt is numbered out of 169 and YOU choose your number! Its the highest quality shirt and it can never be replicated or duplicated because each embroidered patch has YOUR number of choice on it ! Pick your size Pick your number get your shirt !!

Those of you who are coming to AVN/AEE expo may pre-order their number NOW HERE and not worry about shipping because it will be ready for you at my booth at AVN/AEE just bring your receipt !

Im sooo excited to bring this to you, the demand has been pressing and in Suitcasepimpclothing.com I found a company that takes risks, and delivers an amazing product that I know both you and I would be proud to wear. They truly are cut from a different fabric.

So CLICK HERE to order your individually numbered limited edition shirt NOW ! They are selling fast ! BE DIFFERENT !

So much more news to come stay tuned on my blog :) for tons of updates. Ty all so much for your support and your love. Ive been having a blast online on cam with you guys and I cant wait to see you all this week !

Check out this video :)

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Hiiiiiiiiiii guys !! I  have been having an amaaaaaazing couple weeks on cam with you guys !! sooo much fun ! I love having some time where im not travel to be online for you all the time!!. I know we are all having fun getting ready for the xmas Holidays :) lol im a procrastinator and have got NOTHING done lol. I will be in Toronto for Xmas and then back to vegas for New years but before thaaaaaaaat I will be in boston :) for the patriots game and I will be LIVE on 98.5 the sports hub on the friday before the game :) . Super excited I love Boston even in the cold lol.

Now the reason for this post !! I am sooooooo honoured to be nominated by Xbiz and AVN ! This is my first avn nomination and my second xbiz nomination im super excited about it. I was nominated by Xbiz for best webstarlet of the year and by AVN for best solo girl site of the year !! Woooot its just such an honour to be recognized for the hard work that you do and Im stoked. Its really not about winning its about something ive built with my bare hands all by my little self :) hehe and having someone take notice. Im just so thrown back right now.

Thank you all for your responses to the video and thank you all for being soooooooo amazing !! I wouldnt be where I am today without you. My fans my friends you are all so so important to me. So thank you for believing in me, supporting me, picking me up when i was down and of course bouncing with me LIVE on cam hehehe.

To thank you this week anyone who gets their free screenname using this special link HERE will get some goodies sent to them :)

Im in an amazing mood nothing can ruin it and I wanna have fun fun fun !! So get your free screenname and see your xbiz and avn starlet LIVE on cam !

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Hey everyone !! Hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving !!  I hope you all are enjoying getting ready for Christmas. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by, for many reasons this time of year isnt my favourite. My father passed away when I was six on november 26th, I got diagnosed with Non-hodgkins lymphoma on Xmas eve so its a little tough to enjoy this time of year but you know me I always make the most of it. I always smile and surround myself with amazing people and remember who and what matters most. Im able to have an amazing holiday surrounded by amazing people such as yourselves :) .

Its been a hard year a busy year but always a good one. I stay positive Ive been travelling a lot meeting my fans at conventions, doing lots of photoshoots and interviews and some amazing new projects coming soon AND of course being LIVE on cam at playwithtay with all of you. Im back online daily so make sure you all get your free screenname HERE!

It was my choice on xmas eve  to open up to my fans about my cancer. It took me a while to decide. There were a lot of people who suggested i didnt because it may not be appealing or becuase its not a positive thing. I told them that my fans are my friends and I have always been open with you guys about everything I go through. So i opened up to YOU  my amazing fans and you are what has helped me get this far what helped me on my low days what kept me smiling on cam on my ok days. I met so many amazing people through this journey and I have NO regrets. I was able to be inspired by and to inspire people that have been touched by cancer, who have fought it, who have beat it !! I will beat it completley one day !!

Back for National lymphoma awareness month I posted part one of a video which is here on my blog to the right it was a very hard video that got an amazing response it was the day I decided to shave my head because chemo was making my hair fall out every single day. It was the most defeating and heartbreaking experience to see my long hair fall out every single day. I decided to take control and shave my head before the cancer took all of my hair. I went to the salon that day and shaved my head. It was empowering.

Heres the hard part Part 2 to let the world see me LIVE with a shaved head was a tough nerve-racking decision. Im a model, for me to see myself like that was hard so I was worried that people may not want to see me like that. But soooo many of you insipired me to embrace it. I have beautiful wigs that i use and love but i also rocked it like this too. My dad who passed when I was 6 I have his will and his courage and his strength and most importantly his heart inspired me. The anniversary of his death was nov 26th i never forget becuase he is so much a part of me but im ok with it. He is with me. My point is this second half, was really hard for me maybe thats why it took so long. But I feel that im HUMAN. My fans love me for me sure I have big bouncy boobies (which i love btw lol) but I relate to so many of you on so many different levels. So thank you for giving me the courage to post myself at one of the most vulnerable and intimate moments of my life. I love you guys so so much.

My hair is growing back slowly since I stopped radiation. Hopefully i can have my own natural beautiful long hair again but im rocking it anyways :) Im moving forward. Im fighting. One day there will be a yaaay im cancer free for good vid. I know this. I was going great for a while felt great felt like normal again, last month had a bit of a setback I need to not be so stressed out and to find time to relax. I dont know what relax means since i am so busy. But I am positive and  I am so blessed to have amazing and loving fans like you. TY for allowing me to feel beautiful. Ty to my close friends you know who you are who have made me feel nothing but amazing, who have supported me, seen my pain, seen my hapiness and lifted me up.

Now, this isnt a sad video this is a video of me just being real with my fans. In all honesty im really nervous about it but Im glad im putting it out there. If you find me unattractive as a result ( i look different now) but Im the same loving giving person with hair or without then that would be your choice. We are all beautiful.

Now lovebugs, IM LIVE on CAM use this special link HERE and get your free screenname and join me in video because NOTHING stops me from boobie bouncing and having a shit ton of fun. You all KNOW that lol :) .

Love you guys soo much.

Here it is, say what you want, call me ugly, call me what you want. Im human Im real. This is me. I know there are a lot of people suffering an going through this or know someone who is and I hope to help in any way i know how.

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Hey guys !! HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN !! You know this is one of my favourite holidays because you get to dress up and be anything you want to be so i thought id start early I have a habit on doing this on days that still arent halloween but at least once a year I have an excuse LOL :) I have been super busy on a lot of projects latley but i will be LIVE on cam every day for my favourite and best fans in the world !!

So as everyone knows I love to take this day seriously lol so If I have an outift its done up to the MAX LOL. This year its SNOW WHITE !! As you know I always wore wigs for fun but I figured since I lost my hair this year why not have even more fun with the wigs. :) So, I hope you like snow white :) . Want a bite of my apple ? lol. Im doing a super contest this halloween for all of you who grab your free screenname at playwithtay.com. I figure snow white had 7 dwarfs and it is the time for tricks and treats :) so im giving away goodie bags to 7 lucky members that get their free screenname here and come by my live cam and say hi ! Make sure you make a clever screenname !

I have a new schedule starting this week I will be LIVE on cam for all of you daily !! Im back and I cant wait to bounce around for you ! We are gonna have a great time :) I also am giving away a super goodie bag to the best costume submission so everyone send your pics of your costumes with a sign that says “hi tay”  to info@taystevens.com and i will post the winner here on my official blog, and I will be giving you the ultimate Taylor goodie bag !!. I cant wait to see what you have in store for me !

So, what are your top ten scary movies new and old ? Here are my top ten movies !

1. Halloween

2. The exorcist

3. Saw

4. The shining

5. The Omen

6. Rosemary’s baby

7. Carrie

8. Cujo

9. The changeling

10. The texas chainsaw massacre

There are soooooooooo many more and I LOVE scary movies I love movies period lol but these are 10 ill never forget :)

Ok guys enjoy the pics hope you get lots of candy for halloween :) I have a lot of treats stuffed in my bra for you ;) hehehe so make sure you grab your free screenname and join my free fanclub @ playwithtay.com :) you will find the full nude and naughty set inside my free fanclub :) trust me you dont want to miss out on this hi res set and video !



Oh..ps lol this site has a funny maybe scary video lol of ruberdoll giving this guy a beating lol I love her shes awesome. And if you listen to that knock you up song at the bottom i am willing to bet you will all be singing the hook whether you like it or not lol. Let me know

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