Hiiiiiiiiiii guys !! I  have been having an amaaaaaazing couple weeks on cam with you guys !! sooo much fun ! I love having some time where im not travel to be online for you all the time!!. I know we are all having fun getting ready for the xmas Holidays :) lol im a procrastinator and have got NOTHING done lol. I will be in Toronto for Xmas and then back to vegas for New years but before thaaaaaaaat I will be in boston :) for the patriots game and I will be LIVE on 98.5 the sports hub on the friday before the game :) . Super excited I love Boston even in the cold lol.

Now the reason for this post !! I am sooooooo honoured to be nominated by Xbiz and AVN ! This is my first avn nomination and my second xbiz nomination im super excited about it. I was nominated by Xbiz for best webstarlet of the year and by AVN for best solo girl site of the year !! Woooot its just such an honour to be recognized for the hard work that you do and Im stoked. Its really not about winning its about something ive built with my bare hands all by my little self :) hehe and having someone take notice. Im just so thrown back right now.

Thank you all for your responses to the video and thank you all for being soooooooo amazing !! I wouldnt be where I am today without you. My fans my friends you are all so so important to me. So thank you for believing in me, supporting me, picking me up when i was down and of course bouncing with me LIVE on cam hehehe.

To thank you this week anyone who gets their free screenname using this special link HERE will get some goodies sent to them :)

Im in an amazing mood nothing can ruin it and I wanna have fun fun fun !! So get your free screenname and see your xbiz and avn starlet LIVE on cam !



Hey everyone !! Hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving !!  I hope you all are enjoying getting ready for Christmas. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by, for many reasons this time of year isnt my favourite. My father passed away when I was six on november 26th, I got diagnosed with Non-hodgkins lymphoma on Xmas eve so its a little tough to enjoy this time of year but you know me I always make the most of it. I always smile and surround myself with amazing people and remember who and what matters most. Im able to have an amazing holiday surrounded by amazing people such as yourselves :) .

Its been a hard year a busy year but always a good one. I stay positive Ive been travelling a lot meeting my fans at conventions, doing lots of photoshoots and interviews and some amazing new projects coming soon AND of course being LIVE on cam at playwithtay with all of you. Im back online daily so make sure you all get your free screenname HERE!

It was my choice on xmas eve  to open up to my fans about my cancer. It took me a while to decide. There were a lot of people who suggested i didnt because it may not be appealing or becuase its not a positive thing. I told them that my fans are my friends and I have always been open with you guys about everything I go through. So i opened up to YOU  my amazing fans and you are what has helped me get this far what helped me on my low days what kept me smiling on cam on my ok days. I met so many amazing people through this journey and I have NO regrets. I was able to be inspired by and to inspire people that have been touched by cancer, who have fought it, who have beat it !! I will beat it completley one day !!

Back for National lymphoma awareness month I posted part one of a video which is here on my blog to the right it was a very hard video that got an amazing response it was the day I decided to shave my head because chemo was making my hair fall out every single day. It was the most defeating and heartbreaking experience to see my long hair fall out every single day. I decided to take control and shave my head before the cancer took all of my hair. I went to the salon that day and shaved my head. It was empowering.

Heres the hard part Part 2 to let the world see me LIVE with a shaved head was a tough nerve-racking decision. Im a model, for me to see myself like that was hard so I was worried that people may not want to see me like that. But soooo many of you insipired me to embrace it. I have beautiful wigs that i use and love but i also rocked it like this too. My dad who passed when I was 6 I have his will and his courage and his strength and most importantly his heart inspired me. The anniversary of his death was nov 26th i never forget becuase he is so much a part of me but im ok with it. He is with me. My point is this second half, was really hard for me maybe thats why it took so long. But I feel that im HUMAN. My fans love me for me sure I have big bouncy boobies (which i love btw lol) but I relate to so many of you on so many different levels. So thank you for giving me the courage to post myself at one of the most vulnerable and intimate moments of my life. I love you guys so so much.

My hair is growing back slowly since I stopped radiation. Hopefully i can have my own natural beautiful long hair again but im rocking it anyways :) Im moving forward. Im fighting. One day there will be a yaaay im cancer free for good vid. I know this. I was going great for a while felt great felt like normal again, last month had a bit of a setback I need to not be so stressed out and to find time to relax. I dont know what relax means since i am so busy. But I am positive and  I am so blessed to have amazing and loving fans like you. TY for allowing me to feel beautiful. Ty to my close friends you know who you are who have made me feel nothing but amazing, who have supported me, seen my pain, seen my hapiness and lifted me up.

Now, this isnt a sad video this is a video of me just being real with my fans. In all honesty im really nervous about it but Im glad im putting it out there. If you find me unattractive as a result ( i look different now) but Im the same loving giving person with hair or without then that would be your choice. We are all beautiful.

Now lovebugs, IM LIVE on CAM use this special link HERE and get your free screenname and join me in video because NOTHING stops me from boobie bouncing and having a shit ton of fun. You all KNOW that lol :) .

Love you guys soo much.

Here it is, say what you want, call me ugly, call me what you want. Im human Im real. This is me. I know there are a lot of people suffering an going through this or know someone who is and I hope to help in any way i know how.



Hey guys !! HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN !! You know this is one of my favourite holidays because you get to dress up and be anything you want to be so i thought id start early I have a habit on doing this on days that still arent halloween but at least once a year I have an excuse LOL :) I have been super busy on a lot of projects latley but i will be LIVE on cam every day for my favourite and best fans in the world !!

So as everyone knows I love to take this day seriously lol so If I have an outift its done up to the MAX LOL. This year its SNOW WHITE !! As you know I always wore wigs for fun but I figured since I lost my hair this year why not have even more fun with the wigs. :) So, I hope you like snow white :) . Want a bite of my apple ? lol. Im doing a super contest this halloween for all of you who grab your free screenname at I figure snow white had 7 dwarfs and it is the time for tricks and treats :) so im giving away goodie bags to 7 lucky members that get their free screenname here and come by my live cam and say hi ! Make sure you make a clever screenname !

I have a new schedule starting this week I will be LIVE on cam for all of you daily !! Im back and I cant wait to bounce around for you ! We are gonna have a great time :) I also am giving away a super goodie bag to the best costume submission so everyone send your pics of your costumes with a sign that says “hi tay”  to and i will post the winner here on my official blog, and I will be giving you the ultimate Taylor goodie bag !!. I cant wait to see what you have in store for me !

So, what are your top ten scary movies new and old ? Here are my top ten movies !

1. Halloween

2. The exorcist

3. Saw

4. The shining

5. The Omen

6. Rosemary’s baby

7. Carrie

8. Cujo

9. The changeling

10. The texas chainsaw massacre

There are soooooooooo many more and I LOVE scary movies I love movies period lol but these are 10 ill never forget :)

Ok guys enjoy the pics hope you get lots of candy for halloween :) I have a lot of treats stuffed in my bra for you ;) hehehe so make sure you grab your free screenname and join my free fanclub @ :) you will find the full nude and naughty set inside my free fanclub :) trust me you dont want to miss out on this hi res set and video !


Tay lol this site has a funny maybe scary video lol of ruberdoll giving this guy a beating lol I love her shes awesome. And if you listen to that knock you up song at the bottom i am willing to bet you will all be singing the hook whether you like it or not lol. Let me know



Hey guys !! Wow its been a minute hasnt it.. Things have been so hectic with the back and forth travelling to Toronto and all over. Its a busy time for me im excited though I mean I am sick and super jet lagged but overall im just happy that things are doing great. I had a great great birthday here in vegas and I have to catch you guys up !!. First let me thank you all for a great weeklong birthday celebration at :) that was awesome fun and I will be LIVE on cam alll week long :) so make sure you grab your free screenname and lets have some awesome fun !! Im feeling especially bouncy LOL Secondly, I need to thank you all for the wonderful gifts you all got me !! its nuts you guys are the best spoilers ever !! I hope you all enjoyed your thank you packages back. So, my birthday here in vegas was very eventful. My friends threw me a huge surpise party it was super fun.

Everyone including sara jay sophie dee and her hubby and sooo many others. came over to my place it was full of balloons and roses and love from all my good friends. I even had a balloon stripper lol it was hilarious. I had the bestest birthday cake made into a louis vuitton pink purse !! I didnt even wanna eat it it was so great !! I also got the real thing for a gift !! Me and my balloon stripper lol

Me and the girls !!

Me and some of the boys :)

Me and my gifts and my bday cake and me and my best friend were pretending to eat it i didnt wanna eat it at all !

Then we all went out to one of my favourite nightclubs Tryst and partied in our booth all night long. !! It was super fun. Then the next day we did a HUGE rehab bbq at my condo. It was pool and drinks and a HUGE bbq to recover and drink away our hangovers lol. It was honestly one of the best birthdays I ever had. I had a huge pink LIMO :) yaay Me popping champagne in the limo lol

Club pics lol

My best friend got a picture of me blown up of when i first shaved my head after my first round of chemo. I had no idea and it caught me off guard but it was the best gift of all because every day I remind myself to get up and fight because im reminded im human and im reminded of every hard time i went through. I havent shown anyone that pic because it was at one of the worst moments in my life and of course it was so nice to see that someone saw beauty in me during that time. So here it is for you to see :) it ruined my makeup that night lol good thing i was wearing water proof mascara !

All the pictures are here I hope you all enjoy I will be doing a few more blog posts shortly. In the mean time you should all be happy becauseeeeeeeeeeee I am gonna be on cam way way more. I know im busy and back and forth but my heart is online with you guys. So im sending out a gift to everyone who grabs their free screenname and joins me at and i will be doing a super thank you party ! You know i love to give back to the fans especially LIVE !!

love you guys



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HIIII GUYS !! OK sooo my birthday is not till Sept 20th :) but you know me I like to kick things off early :) Soo starting tonight and alllllllllllll week long but especially till my birthday im doing a super naughty exclusive party for all of you who grab your free screenname here and join me at

You guys have been super generous spoiling me @ I want to spoil you back even more. I will be on all week long for you to party with me we are gonna have a PAR-TAY ! I will be doing hourly giveaways and giving away prizes for the most clever screeename that you can get FREE here. I want you guys to party with me ALL week long so we are gonna have a bouncy good time filled with lots of bouncing, lots of oil and lots of lotion hahahah.

IT all starts tonight so get your free screenname here and join me Live @ help me celebrate my birthday by letting me put a smile on your faces :)

Don’t forget the week long contest that will win you a naughty session with me :) woot ! Try your luck HERE :)

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Hey guys !! Its my birthday month but im feeling super generous :) and thank you all who have asked to send my birthday gifts its super generous of YOU my wishlist can be found at I completley spoil back :)

I am hosting a week long contest that runs from today and ends on 15th at midnight. I am gonna be live on cam all week and anyone who gets free screenname will be eligible to win. How well do you guys know me ? :) hehehe. Lets find out! I will be asking some questions and whoever at the end of the week gets them all right will get a one on one PRIVATE naughty show with me @ my free fanclub and a huge goodie bag all taylor :) !

You guys are my fans so I know you know me but im gonna be testing you on just how well you think you know me. :) Whoever answers these questions all right by the end of the week will be the winner. This isnt just for the private show and goodie bag you get boys this is for PRIDE. :) woot !! I will be happy to let everyone in the twitter world know that YOU knew me best :) hehehe.

Get into the contest at or just click HERE :) i wont make it easy ok some questions will be easy but some not so much. lol. And grab your free screenname here and lets see what you boys are made of. All of the questions are things or sayings or actions that have all been public. If you’ve paid attention your already a winner. The winner will be announced on Sunday after the contest ends and before football of course :) On your marks get set GO !

Here are a few pics to entice you boys !! See the FULL naughty UNCENSORED set in my free fanclub just get your free screenname and lets play :)

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Hiya guys :) Happy friday !! I mentioned I had some catching up to do :) im super glad you guys enjoyed my last blog post :) . Im known to get a little naughty right ;) heheh. I had to travel to Toronto for family and to see the doctors so I wasnt at playwithtay a lot this week but wooot woot ! I am back ! And bouncier then ever of course :) I will be LIVE all week long so get your free screenname now and join me :) . Make it clever I always love to see the screennames you guys come up with lol.

I wanted to post about the AMAZING time I had at chicago exxxotica it was great I absolutely love chicago and the people in it they are amazing :) . The convention was super fun and I loved hanging out with you guys. Im always gonna be there for you just how you are with me. There was so much fun going on it was hard to stop smiling lol, chicago fans were hassling me because last year I had cubs posters and I had so many people come up to me and be like “awww man you look hot but im a sox fan” lmao. So this year #smh this year, i decided to do a sox set just for them and then I got MORE fans mad lol because they are like take the sox picture down lmao. There were a bunch of sox fans though lol but they asked me which one I really liked and I said the cubs because everyone knows last year I started with the cubs picture for a reason :)

Lets start a poll :) you choose :)


or white sox ? :)

Hehe so you have those which btw are available to purchase in 13X19 autographed by sending 30 $ to via paypal :)

So, back to the convention :) Super fun hanging out with the confident strong beautiful cherokee d’ass we were beside each other and she was super cool to talk to. I of course loved hanging out with my awesome girls Sophie Dee and Gianna Micheals :) they are so much fun ALWAYS. And then I got a visit from the ever so sexy Caramel Vixen, that girl has a heart of pure gold and we always always have a BLAST :)

Here are the pics for you guys :) Its gonna be a great week I will be online all week long so make sure you grab your free screenname and get to asap :) for boobies fun and much more :) . I have a ton of surprises in store for you :)

And I know you all love my outfits for the conventions so here are some of me posing for the cameras :) step and repeat hahah :) I was posing since the day i was born lol :)



Hiyas, so latley everyones wondering what does it take to get in your pants tay ? What does it take to win your heart ?  Well I thought I would answer some of your questions :) since everyone thinks that its impossible to date me or that they need to be intimidated when really Im just down to earth and love to have fun.

Everyone knows im super bubbly and bouncy and I will be doing some extra special things on cam this week so make sure you all grab your free screenname and get on and see some live bouncy action and tons of free uncensored pics. Get a clever screenname here !!

And for the month of August even though I started more then halfway through the month im in the BIKINI BABES contest and im second place right now but hopefully you guys can get me ahead :) woot ! Please vote :)

1. What is your first rule when it comes to a date ?

BE YOURSELF !! If I like you I do if I dont i wont why waste each others time. Just Be YOU.

2. What foreplay turns you on the most ?

I LOVE when someone kisses my neck and licks my neck and kisses down my back Im getting wet just thinking about it. Its sooooo sexy and sensual. Yums

3. What is a drink a guy can order thats sexy to you ?

Since this is a candid blog and since I dont judge a guy based on his drink or anything but it is sexy when a man orders whiskey on the rocks.. something about it. I drink bacardi  but something about that turns me on.

4. Do you actually enjoy anal ? Have you ever done it ?

Yes and yes. Butt hahah no pun intended BUT for me I only do anal with someone I am very close with it has to be the right person we both have to be feeling it. But anal sex is sooo enjoyable you just have to be with someone who makes it enjoyable.

5. Favourite cologne on a guy ? Does it matter ?

Gucci Envy, Hugo Boss, Dolce and Gabanna the one. YES it matters. I love the way men smell. I think your cologne says something about you. I love holding a guy close and then smelling my shirt later and it smells like his cologne. Theres definitely an attraction in a mans scent. I do love the way a man naturally smells though. ( well not after the gym) lol

6. How many times have you orgasmed in one night ?

Well im on cam a lot lol and I orgasm quite a few times on playwithtay but if you mean in my personal life then in one night 7 times i think. It was a great night :) IT wasnt even an entire 2 hours it was about 6 and it was phenomenal.

7. Do you like to watch porn while you fuck ?

I love to make porn while i fuck lol no seriously I do love to watch porn. If your a guy and cant sit and watch porn with me then im not really interested in fucking you lol. I mean really it turns me on. Its hard to watch porn that my friends are in lol but there is lots out there :)

8. What would turn you on  more being with another girl or another guy. ?

Well I LOVE women so i definitely love threesomes with girls but the thought of two guys is a bit of a turn on ;)

9.  Whats your favourite sexual position ?

Doggy,hands down haha no pun intended lol. But I also love being on top I think that its deeper that way and I love it deep inside :)

10.  Do you like to talk dirty in the bedroom ?

YES !! In the bedroom you can call me whatever you want its such a turn on. I talk dirty and I love when a guy talks dirty to me :) Its sooo sexy.  As Marilyn Monroe said  We are all born sexual creatures,thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.- Marilyn Monroe

Ok guys :) I will see you LIVE on cam later and to see this UNCENSORED FULL SET get your free screenname and see them in my free fanclub :)



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Hey guys omg its been a hectic couple of months. I know I have LOTS of catching up to do but today I felt like answering some of your questions :) . I have been having an amazing time on cam with you guys :) Make sure you grab your free screenname and join me LIVE @ playwithtay because I am back and bouncing again BIG TIME :) Ok time for some of your formspring comments, questions, and statements :)

1. When can we fuck ? …

Umm never.

2. Did you get upset that the media depicted you as a porn star during all the LA Kings Stanley cup events ?

Not at all, I got annoyed that people just assumed or judged me based on that but the title of pornstar doesnt bother me. Ive said it many many times i am an adult model and solo pornstar. I think the title of PORNSTAR should go to many other girls who day in and day out create all different kinds of porn and work their asses off for that title. My work is in the porn industry and I create kick ass solo porn. So no the title doesnt bother me its closed minded assholes that think that every pornstar is an idiot that bothers me. Im glad i got to dispell many of those myths in my countless interviews. Never judge a book by its cover.

3. What are you reading right now ?

I just finished the 50 shades trilogy. Amazingggggg books. I loved them. Got me fired up. I think guys should read them to though. They are really good and entertaining. I love the character development. Plus it made me super horny LOL

4. What question do you get asked most often ?

Ummm if you mean recently in all my interviews its been “Were you hired as a distraction for the Devils ?” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lol its been asked so much that would be such a discredit to the team. They played well they won. I was not a distraction and if I was lol i didnt do too well in game 4 now did i LOL.

If its in my personal life its always “how big are your boobs” ? Answer: Too big for you to handle lol no they are a 34HH

5. You have been up to quite a bit latley, youve been shooting a lot. Is this for other sites or your own ?

Ive been shooting a LOT all I would say is stay tuned :) . I have an amazing photographer and am surrounded by amazing people. Lots of good stuff happening :) Stay tuned here and of course at

Also make sure you order my new dream girls mag by sending 25.00 to :) and you will get an exlusive signed mag :) from me woot :)

6. Your always working hard does anyone work as hard as you do in this industry.?

Yes. I work extremely hard. I am always full force. I like to give my best. There are a lot of girls that work super hard to be where they are at and some that dont. Most of the people I hang out with are hard workers I like to surround myself with people with ambiton and a great work ethic. Hands down Sara Jay has an incredible work ethic and it shows, Brianna Jordan and I are so alike when it comes to buisness. Teagan Prestley holds her own when it comes to biz.. there are just so many to mention. We all work hard. Its our careers its what we are passionate about and like ive said before If i dont love it I dont do it.

7. Do you believe in one night stands ?

I believe to each their own. I dont judge anyone for anything.

8. Your a butterface.

Mmmmm butter is sooo good esp with some garlic and mushrooms yum :)

9. Will you ever want kids ?

Probably not. I love my life the way it is. I cant predict the future but I know that right now it wouldnt be right for me to bring a kid into this world. Im not dating anyone seriously anyways. Besides my doggies are my children and I have my hands full with them.

10. Whats more important love or your career ?

Well i LOVE my career. Im married to it and i love it its a marriage I know will last. And if i found love they would have to love that I love it or they would not be in my life. Whats most important is first health then wealth.

Ok guys :) thats a nice quick q & a here are some hot new pics :) that you can find the full uncensored set in my free fanclub. Im on cam LIVE every day now so make sure you all come join me :)



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Hey everyone :) Happy 4th of July its great to be in the usa during this time.. bbq, fireworks, friends and fun :) . I had my mom stop by today she was visiting from Toronto so that was super fun. I love entertaining as you all know lol. Ive been a super busy bee lately but wantrd to make time to answer some of your questions. Im super excited about the amazing things that you are in store for. Shh a girl cant give all her secrets away :)

I also will be LIVE at exxxotica chicago and I cannot wait to go. I love that city so so much. I have been having so much fun with this stanley cup frenzy your love and your support means so much to me. Im so glad that i have the best fans in the world. As you also know Pinupfiles released a BRAND new set of me for fourth of july so grab your free screenname here because I will be uploading them to for you :) woot woot! I

I will also be on cam a lot more often :) I know its super busy and its hard trying to get online all the time but I will be live on cam so make sure you get to asap :) hehe.

Ok so here are some of the questions, comments, etc. from my formspring :)

1. Whats the best thing about being in the industry your in ?

Well it is 4th of July so this is fitting. Im able to have the freedom to build my buisness my brand the way I want to. Im able to be me all the time I dont have to pretend. I get to live my life every day the way I choose and I get to be on cam and have a great time with my fans. I get to put smiles on peoples faces and that means everything to me. I also get to know so many amazing people. Im very lucky I dont take anything or anyone for granted.

2. You seem so bubbly and so positive all the time doesnt it get annoying ? Are you ever just mean ?

Lol, Im human is what I am. I have bad days. Im never intentionally mean. I HATE hurting other peoples feelings. I will go out of my way to make someone else feel better even if it means my feelings get hurt. People have been really mean to me at times so I wouldnt wish that on anyone. I have to stay positive and I like to radiate that and give that energy to the good people around me. I stay this way cause my dad would want me to. Its never annoying to be me. I am just that person I have a good heart im kind and I want the best for people.  Im never gonna change thats my heart and my soul. Im middle eastern I have a temper lol sometimes it comes out but only to people that really piss me off lol.

3. Do you have a message to your ex boyfriends ? I mean they must be jealous as hell right now.

LOL.. yeah stop stalking me. No really though I want the best for them. Im single now because i want to be. Just cause we didnt work out doesnt mean that I dont want them to be happy. Even if they were big pricky douchebags at times lol. They are the past for a reason and its just not meant to be. Message to them : “keep doing you because Im gonna keep doing me”.

4. Fuck you Taylor.

Okie dokie thank you for that intelligent comment it must have taken you days to come up with that. I guess fuck you right back ? What exactly were you looking for in my answer today ? LOL

5. What would be the sound track to your life ( i saw you tweet something yesterday)

Perfect time to answer this question. I always had a hard time picking one song to determine that but the other night I heard Beyonce’s song – I WAS HERE that song is amazing I love it it brought tears to my eyes and I would definitely say that is my song.

Ill add one more for good measure

6. Will you ever go back to being a bbw ?

Short answer. No. However, I support that community and industry with all my heart and always will.

Ok guys so get your asses HERE and grab your free screenname to see the uncensored NAUGHTY pics :) all in my free fanclub !