Hey guys.. I wanted to do a special post for Raven Alexis who is also fighting Cancer. As you all know Xmas eve last year I was diagnosed with Cancer and am fighting each and every single day. Each day is a struggle but we push through it as best we can.

Raven is battling a very rough type of Cancer and she is enduring a lot. Her and I have a lot in common ( besides cancer) she loves football, she swears like a sailor lol, we both lost our hair, she has a fighting spirit but most importantly she has people around her that LOVE her and need her. Recently, Naughty Swag came out with a Raven Alexis t-shirt that says fuck cancer. I fucking loved it and bought it to support her (in pink of course). In all her troubles, she still gives to others organizing an amazing toy drive this christmas. I think you should all join team RAVEN buy her t-shirt and support her. Right now she needs our love BAD.

Raven is always there to pick me up and always wishes me well, she knows all about the drs visits and the chemo and the crap. I know its not much but I got my tshirt and im so happy to sport it. I did a tiny shoot just for her. Shes beautiful inside and out a true beauty.

I love you Raven, my life is better having you in it. Im blessed and lucky to have got to meet you this year. Big huge kisses to you and Dirt for always being by your side.

xoxox, and see you on my webcam


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Hey guys, I have been so super busy and I have soo much catching up to do with you guys. Ive been shooting like crazy and travelling im still on my NJ trip lol. I have missed you all so so much. I will be LIVE on camera for you guys all week long. I know christmas is coming and I have a ton of suprises in store for you all :) !! Make sure you all grab your free screenname here because I am YOUR santa this year and sending out fun filled holiday packs :) to all who join for FREE. Theres tons of pics on here but I will be uploading the vids and uncensored pics to my free fanclub so make sure you get your get there to get all the naughty hot fun !!

So, back to day 2 of the NJ exxxotica convention, it was soo much fun very very busy got to meet so many more of you ! I went HOT PINK that day and It was the most awesome fun time ever ! Aside from hanging with all of you I had a blast with my neighbors who are also my friends :) the lovely Kelly Divine , Sophie Dee, and the luscious and yummy caramel vixen. We all just partied it up and gave all of you such a good time. You know when kelly and I get together theres no stopping us lol and it was just awesome being around everyone makes me feel like im not sick at all. I LOVE meeting my fans and my friends :) its amazing. I had a lot of suprise friends from twitter show up it was really cool. I do my best despite what is going on in my life to give you the best of me thank you all soo much for coming out to support me. I will never stop as long as I am alive :) .

So since theres a LOT of catching up for me to do I will keep this one short, the pictures speak for themselves :) . But I will be seeing you all online later so make sure you come play with tay ! Its your official XBIZ nominated webbabe of the year and your reigning webbabe of the year :) so come on in lets have some BOUNCY FUN !! woot !

Love you guys,



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Heyy guys :) so many updates to come…I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday and loved my tweets lol :) and watching football of course.

I wanted to update you on my fun times in NJ at the latest exxxotica convention. It was so so great meeting all of you having fun with you all. NJ is the best crowd ever. I got to be with some really great company and have a blast. Its not always easy for me to go to conventions being sick but its like when im there with you guys I just get in this zone like im not even sick at all. You guys are the fuel that keeps me going which is why I love you so much. Ty all for everything.

These are some pics from day 1. It was soo much fun a big friday night party. Ty to all my fans for coming out and supporting me and being there for me. I had a few surprise fans come by which was totally awesome. I was right beside the lovely Kelly Divine and across from my cutie Sophie dee. We all had a great time bouncing around and being silly and fun as usual :) . I did a ton of interviews and had so many great opportunities its gonna be a good year, there is always plenty in store.

I was streaming live to my free fanclub and I will be online all week. Its so much fun being LIVE on webcam at the convention cause you all get to see me in action hehe. We had a great time :) Ill be live every day this week so make sure you all grab your free screenname cause there are super treats in store for you.

Remember this is just part one :) There were three days after all :) In this post its just all tay :) woot woot ! I will be doing a black friday special on my free webcam tonight so come get some here by getting your free screenname before midnight

And its technically formspring friday but since its black friday today ill save it for the next one ;)

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WOW ! It is such an honour to be nominated for this award. I am in the presence of greatness in my category and its just so amazing to be acknowledged for the hard work you do and the fact that I have so much fun doing it is amazing. ~! It really is a pleasure just to be nominated. This category has always been important to me as you know last year I won Freeones internet babe of the year. To be nominated by Xbiz tells me they have noticed that I have emerged this year, they’ve noticed the hard work and the dedication to what I do and that means a lot especially this year going through the struggle im going through and fighting this battle with Cancer.

I am so proud to be nominated, I believe I should win because I love my fans, im the same with you guys on cam and off cam. I give you all the best of me the candid, the real, the good the bad and the ugly. But mostly we have a great time @ my free fanclub bouncing laughing and enjoying our time together. I love leaving you all with a smile. I want to give you all the best online experience possible, and when I meet you in person I love having fun chatting with you and getting to know you. When I first started in this business  they told me I wouldnt make it, well I always did love proving people wrong :) .

To my amazing fans and friend thank you for your support. The decision is now in the hands of the prestigious xbiz panel however emails from you on why you think I should win will definitely help so please write to them and tweet them @xbiz as to why you think I should win webbabe of the year :) . It would be a perfect ending to a long year.

So boys and girls come get your fix of Taylor Stevens by getting your free screenname and come see your Xbiz nominated webbabe of the year live and in action :) We are gonna have so much fun the next few weeks :) watch out I got lots in store for you :)

Come join me online LIVE now!



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Well guys ill keep this short and sweet this is part two of our fun night out. I cant tell you how it felt to laugh and be silly and not care for a night. And Kelly Divine is the best person to do it with. We knew all eyes were on us at the bar, we knew the ladies were jealous the guys were all over us but we cared about having fun with each other and making amazing memories cause thats what friends do.

Shes just a normal girl to me even though shes now the offical BUTTWOMAN which btw is huge ! Im so proud of her she so deserves it. But shes just my friend the end. Anyways, shes down to earth and has been there for me at my lowest moments. I love you girly.

If you guys wanna see more of this video and more uncensored video then make sure you get your free screenname here and see me live in video and at the free fanclub and check out Kelly at her awesome site here.

Here is part two :)

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One of the most amazing things that has happend to me over this past year or so is meeting Kelly Divine . Let me tell you how we met. We were both at the newest convention to hit Chicago which was exxxtacy show at the time. I had a booth across from hers. I was still pretty new to conventions but LOVE CHICAGO so thought I would try out this new convention. Being honest, I hadnt really known too much about this beautiful Booty filled Brunette. We were across from each other, I was staring at her butt lol and she was staring at the loop video of my boobies bouncing over and over. I guess they hypnotized her because she came over introduced herself to me and we started talking.

And so it began, We instantly connected. If anyone knows me and Kelly Divine together they know that we go balls to the wall. We have fun we dont care about what anyone thinks we just go out and have a great time. Shes a friend thats interested in nothing more then my friendship ( which is rare these days). Ive had my fill and share of crappy ass friends and I keep a few very close ones and thats all. It seems friends always betray me in some way or want something from me. She doesnt and hasnt. Kelly is like jam to my peanut butter it just goes. We have the best times the best laughs and we are crazy ! Even if we dont talk for a while or see each other for a while when we get together its like we never left :) .

What a lot of people dont get to see about her that I do is that she is kind, thoughtful, loving, smart, and super funny, super cool and very strong. When I got diagnosed with Cancer Kelly was right there to make me laugh. She told me to go all “amber rose” on peoples asses and rock the without hair look. She told me id get through it, she told me im strong. She cried and wished it didnt happen to me but she knew I was tough enough to get through it. We proceeded even though we live so far away ( her in cali) me in Toronto, to have great times and create great memories. Ive never looked back we have so much in common, we had drunken nights, crazy nights, family guy nights, lol.

I had to let you all know about how Kelly and I met because We are always somewhere rocking it. Now, this was all to show you a bit of how we have fun and dance like no ones watching.

Kelly and I were at the piano bar in the New York, New York Hotel in Las Vegas. It was girls night. I had been going through a really rough time and just needed to let loose. Dont get me wrong when I told Kelly to meet me at the piano bar lol and I saw her waiting outside the look on her face was one of (oh god please dont tell me this is where we are going). Well turns out it was one of our BEST NIGHTS EVER ! We sang, we danced and she made me forget I was sick.  I had a blast

So in part ONE of this vid .. yes you always know there is a part two that comes after LOL. In part one of this vid Kelly and I are just having fun singing enjoying the atmosphere being silly. We didnt pose for the camera, we didnt have a care in the world how we looked, sounded or acted we just were “US”. So im letting you into our world a little bit… dont expect some oscar nominated film,rather watch two great friends forgetting the world for a bit and having a blast. See more in my free fanclub and at KellyDivine.com . Kelly is the NEW and well deserved BUTTWOMAN… trust me u dont want to miss that.

I love you Kelly :) Thanks for making every day easier.

See the full video in my free fanclub and ill be LIVE online all week long so get in on the fun :) lets make great memories :)

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Hey guys !! I had  a BLAST with you guys LIVE at my free fanclub. Im also so excited about how the EXXXOTICA convention went I had a blast with all of you. WOOT ! Im also streaming LIVE for you guys ! You know I love being bouncy silly me :) . I have been breaking so many bras and bursting so many buttons this week its nuts.

I love causing a scene everywhere, speaking of which… here I am lol out to a very important dinner meeting. Im in a very sexy, classy buisness suit but my buttons on my tight white button up top are on their last strings. It took me forever to get that one button buttoned that didnt show too much cleavage yet just enough lol. I finally got it shut barely able to breathe lol. So here we are at the meeting and im talking and we order drinks and as im drinking im feeling my shirt tighten lol and im trying to stay in one position so as not to make any sudden moves lol. They insisted on another round and as I reached to grab the drink my button burst and of course landed in one of the partners glass of wine. LOL it was straight out of a movie ! I was so embarrased but they were so cool he just said “i believe this is yours” LOL and I said “ah who needs it”. This stuff happens to me on a regular LOL.  So if you wanna see it LIVE and of course up close and personal then grab ure free screenname and meet me at the free fanclub where Im live all day and night. You dont wanna miss a thing :) .

Now it is friday and that means its formspring day woot woot ! Thats where I answer your questions or post your comments and its no holds barred. Ask me anything and ill answer but I cant promise ill always be nice ;) . I will however always be brutally honest :) . I love answering your questions because it lets you get to know me better and thats the most important thing to me. You guys are the most important thing to me. :)

Here we go..

1. Your Favorite Sport ???

FOOTBALL !! I grew up with three brothers so sports are in my blood. I am such a girly girl but I love being a tomboy. Everyone knows not to mess with me and my football. Being from Canada most would think Hockey is my sport.. I do love hockey but Football is in my heart. Woot go patriots !

2. What kind of men do you like to fuck ?

The kind that dont ask me what kind of men I like to fuck.

3. Do you have a boyfriend or are you married ?

No and No. I am single by choice. A lot of you ask how can a girl like you be single. Its such a misconception that I shouldnt be single because im this or that. Im human, Im guarded. I was in a long relationship it broke my heart. I am just focusing on me right now and getting better health wise and im happy being single and enjoying my life. I do miss having someone at times but right now my heart is still very closed, although i do see some light making its way in. If it happens it happens and ill embrace it but right now I also dont want to involve anyone in my life when im battling this illness I just dont think its fair.

4. Can you send me some pics of you naked ?

Nope.. but in my free fanclub after you get ure free screenname you have full access to all my videos,pictures everything. :) I fill that fanclub up nice for you boys :)

5. What Was The Worst/Difficult Moment In Your Life ???

Thats a hard one cause most of my life has been filled with difficult moments. Id have to say losing my father at 6 years old. That was the worst. Finding out I have cancer second worst.

6. I love masturbating to your videos! its amazing how sexy you are, keep up the good work tay, your titties are making me cum daily!

Well, thank you thank you thats a great compliment :) Im glad you love my work :) Ill be sure to keep going strong and naughty for you :) Woot woot keep it cumming mmmm :)

7. Am I handsome ?

LOL considering your question is anonymous and there is a picture of a shadow that is grey. Yes of course your handsome, no facial features just a picture of a grey head. Yup the epitome of handsomeness. LOL …seriously dude do u not think before you write ure question lol.

8. What are you notoriously known for ?

For being the number one webcam and internet babe on the net. Being that bouncy bubbly girl next door with the huge rack and the iconic glasses. Thats me :) The nerdy, naughty, next door girly with a rack that will blow your mind. LOL. Im known for being super fun and super silly. I love what I do I wouldnt do it if I didnt love it.

9. I think you should be a fleshlight girl. ;)

Me too ;) wink wink

10. What are you most proud of ?

Being my fathers daughter. Being strong and staying true to myself no matter what the consequence. Never giving up. EVER.

Some random pics :)

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This post.. its a toughie… How quickly a year goes by. Im not a big fan of november…Its always been a hard month for me. Its the month I lost my father, its the month this whole cancer ordeal started. But I thought I would take a moment to reflect on this year because at around this time last year I was long beach bound on my way to the GLAMOURCON convention in Chicago, and this was shortly after the EXXXTACY convention that I had attended.

I was on a flight headed to long beach when I suddenly started having severe chest pains..I was also freezing. I am tiny and and I am always cold so I didnt think anything of it but the shivers and the cold got so bad I was stiffened up and the flight attendants had to grab two big 1 litre bottles filled with boiling hot water and blankets to try and warm me up. I had no idea what was going on but was very scared. After landing in Long Beach, I headed to my hotel still in pain but it had gone down a bit I just chalked it up to muscle pain bought some a535 rub and started unpacking because nothing gets in the way of me my work and my fans. As the pain started to increase I realized I had to lay down and thought that maybe if I slept it off I would be ok but it turns out I wasnt. I had woken up out of sheer pain. I still went downstairs to the Glamourcon convention and I had to get rushed out of there to go to emergency.

After getting to emergency, I was rushed in they subsided my pain and proceeded to do a number of tests on me. After the tests came back they told me I had a tumour in my chest between my heart and lungs and that I had to get it biopsied immediately. I did a biopsy stayed overnight ( still thinking that id be able to attend the next day of glamourcon, thats just how my mind works). I hated leaving my fans and Wendy Fiore who I was next to and Jordan Carver too, they made the short few hours that I was able to attend worth it. :)

The biopsy was painful, but the news after a few days of waiting was that it was benign and that when I got back home to Canada I would have to see the thorasic surgeon and have the tumour removed. I felt relief yet was still nervous. Where did this come from ? What did I do wrong ?

I made my way back home to Toronto and saw the thorasic surgeon who ordered more tests and another Biopsy because there was some abnormalities. Thats when the news came, like being hit by a truck Xmas Eve he called me to tell me that in fact I have Cancer and I was misdiagnosed. The ground fell from under me and my whole world changed.

Its been a year since that painful trip in Long Beach, I know its silly but I just cant go back to that glamourcon, its too much of a painful memory. Maybe one day. Its been a year full of hospitals, pain, chemotherapy, radiation but also a year of strength, faith and hope. You guys have been there for me and I know you will continue to be there for me through this ordeal. You all know me, I dont quit, its not in my blood. I was born a fighter and will continue to fight.

You all know ive still been online rocking it and shooting and still going to conventions to meet my fans. You are all very very important to me and I wouldnt have it any other way. Speaking of which :) Ill be online at the free fanclub all week long so get your free screenname now and join me !

Thanks for taking this moment to reflect with me. I learned a lot this year. I wouldnt change it. Its bitter sweet but this has made me see things so differently. Hugs and Kisses


Here are some pics from the convention last year

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Hey guys LOL.. well here is part two I decided to do because I constantly get the reference that I look like Lady Gaga.. sometimes I see it sometimes I dont LOL but I definitely know that other people see it that way.. and keeping with the poker face theme lol I thought why not go as crazy gaga :) . So I decided to put on some Poker Face and have fun with this shooot :) LOL.. The funniest thing happend I went out in my hallway and totally forgot I was in costume cause I was chasing Pinky down the hall LOL :) too funny and my neighbor came out and was like WOW his mouth dropped and was like awesome costume I was so embarrased cause its very revealing LOL :) !!  Something else funny with this costume is when I was out with Kelly Divine one night we were at a bar and the host guy called me LADY TATA hahaha so now she always grabs my boobs and calls me Lady Tata LOL. I wasnt about to put on a dress full of meat so I decided to do this instead lol :) .

I hope you all had a great halloween im just getting ready and packing for NYC I will be online all night long till I leave and then all week long streaming LIVE on webcam from NJ :) . Make sure you all get your free screenname cause im giving away tons of goodies :) . Every one that gets a free screenname get submitted into my draw to win a FULL FUN PACKAGE :) that includes everything you ever wanted TAYLOR :) woot !

Here’s some Gaga fun for  you :) You mite love her You mite hate her but Its Taylor Gaga this halloween heheh :) Remember the full naked naughty uncensored set and vid will be available in my free fanclub tonight for all free fanclub members !

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE !! You didnt think I was gonna let Halloween go by without me and my kick ass costume :) did you ? Its been a very rough couple of weeks for me and its been hard to pick myself up but things like Halloween excite me and make me happy because you just get to relax and have fun and forget about things for a while ! I hope you all partied it up this past weekend I went out with my gf to a Halloween party..there will be a post all about that dont u worry :) I WON BEST COSTUME ! … People loved me spanking them with my long staff… dont you guys go getting any ideas about where to stuff your staff cause im way way ahead of you. I had a herd of sheep around me all night LOL :) I hope your all envisioning some naughty ideas of me and my staff ;) hehe. It came in handy helping me lift my boobies when they felt so heavy lol they just keep growing ! The full set is available in my free fanclub :) all uncensored naughty pics :) just for you :) .

I loved this costume I totally felt the part… It was amazing !. I remember how much I loved Halloween as a kid it just brings out the kid in you. What were your favorite candies as a kid omg Im gonna list the top ten candies I loved getting in my trick or treat bag.

Speaking of treats.. im gonna be live online at my free fanclub and I have tons of Halloween treats for you so make sure you get your free screenname here and get in on the fun you dont wanna miss out ! Im celebrating Halloween all week :) like only I can :) woot woot ! Im LIVE and FREE in video right now so come join me :)


#1. Snickers
#2. Nerds
#3. Tootsie Rolls
#4. Life Savers
#5. M&Ms
#6. Reese’s
#7. Twizzlers
#8. Butterfinger
#9. Skittles
#10. Candy corn

Yumm im craving sweets right now.. come get some of my treats guys :) Im online now ! muah :)

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