Hey guys its been sooo busy since I have gotten back from LA that I havent even had a chance to catch up about it. La was great exxxotica was great I always have a great time meeting my fans and it was soo much fun hanging out with you guys :) . I love being around my girls and doing all our girly stuff hehe :) .

I also loved streaming live to you guys while i was there :) it was soo much fun u know i LOVE meeting my fans :) . I got to hang with the absolutley amazing and sweet RubberDoll, of course kick ass Sara Jay, the sweetest Karen Cougar  and the gorgeous Jenna Prestley… and so many more of the usual suspects.

Of course me and Shyla Stylez had our fun lol :) Shes such a handfull of laughs and good times i love her lol. My canadian girly :)

I was also doing some amazing shooting in LA for lots of biggggggg things to come :) So keep your eyes open :) heheh

Ty all for coming out to see me it means so much the next one is in New Jersey and I cant wait I love New Jersey so much.

Im free in video and ready to play so get your free screenname here and lets have some fun !!

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This post is just to remind us to cherish life. This was a sad day around the world. This is to honour all those who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks and those brave firemen, officers and citizens who gave their lives and everything they could to save lives. We all need to take a moment and hug and hold the people in our lives and show them how much we love them. I pray for the families and all those who lost their lives and loved ones in the 9/11 attacks. God bless America.

In honour of that some Red White and Blue Pics for you. Everyone should wear red white and blue today.

See you all online love you guys.

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Hey guys !! Hope your all doing well. Its been a while since Ive updated, Its been a super busy time. Ive been having a great time on my webcam with you guys every day and been soo busy with all kinds of surprises which ill post about in my next blog post. I want to take a moment to post about something clearly important to me and my heart.

September 20th is my birthday, ironically it is also National Lymphoma Awareness month. As most of you know December 24th, 2010 I was diagnosed with Cancer. Lymphoma. Yes xmas eve.. its not a fun time for me. Its been hell, I have good days and bad days but I am very thankful for all of you. You have been amazing in your support and Love for me and I appreciate every single one of you.

I went back and forth about whether or not I was going to post this video because it was very personal and very hard for me. But as you all know, I am always very open to you about what is going on with me good and bad. I love you to see the me I am which is the same off cam and on cam. My best and worst times have always been shared with you. A lot of people said not to a lot of people said to but for me I wanted to I want to inspire and help anyone who is going through this. I want them to know that they arent they only ones and that everything they are feeling is normal. When I first got diagnosed I didnt want to burden anyone I just kinda hid myself from the world but you need to surround yourself with positve people and just talking about it helps.

An update on me, I have started radiation treatment this week. I went this week and have hated every moment of it. But we have to do things we hate sometimes in order to get better. So im gonna do it with a smile and then come and relax with you guys online where I feel the most happy. I know what im about to face again sucks terribly and its gonna be tough on me but hey im a fighter my entire life and I will continue to fight :) till i WIN !! Yall know i dont give up on shit lol :)

Ill explain the video in a moment but first  I want to give you some facts about lymphoma and I hope that if your going through this or if someone you love is you will help or donate to the cause.


* ITS GREEEN .. the ribbon that is I love green so everyone get your green out and wear green and tweet me pics of you wearing green to support this month @taystevens is my twitter id love to see you all show your support. A lime green ribbon represents awareness and unity in the fight against all Lymphomas

*In the United States each year, some 54,000 people are diagnosed with NHL and 7,000 are diagnosed HL. It is the most common type of blood cancer in the US. The European Union sees over 50,000 cases of NHL every year

*Lymphoma can occur at any age, including childhood. Hodgkin’s disease is most common in two age groups: young adults 16-34 years of age and in older people 55 years of age and older. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is more likely to occur in older people.

*Lymphoma is a type of cancer that begins in immune system cells called lymphocytes. Like other cancers, lymphoma occurs when lymphocytes are in a state of uncontrolled cell growth and multiplication.

*Cancer symptoms are quite varied and depend on where the cancer is located, where it has spread, and how big the tumor is. Lymphoma usually first presents with swelling in the neck, underarm, or groin. Additional swelling may occur where other lymph nodes are located such as in the spleen. In general, enlarged lymph nodes can encroach on the space of blood vessels, nerves, or the stomach, leading to swollen arms and legs, to tingling and numbness, or to feelings of being full, respectively.

*Lymphoma symptoms also include nonspecific symptoms such as fever, chills, unexplained weight loss, night sweats, lethargy, and itching

*The treatment of lymphoma depends on the type of lymphoma diagnosed and also on the stage of the cancer, its location, the extent of symptoms and the physical condition and health of the patients. Radiotherapy is a preferred treatment for patients with both types of lymphoma. The other treatment options include chemotherapy, bone marrow or stem cell transplants, radio immunotherapy or biologic therapy


You know there are some really catty and evil people out there that either didnt believe I was sick or have come into my chatroom and wished me the worse said mean things but those people dont mean anything to me.

I surround myself and am blessed to have great people in my life. Thank you all so much for your never ending love. This has truly opened my eyes to the value of life and who really deserves to be in it. To the amazing friends and to everyone who I reached out to me, shared their stories with me, its my turn to share it with you.

The video which is part one of two is pretty self explanitory but was really tough. I have many more to come. I wasnt alone on this journey you guys were always with me. I love you all so much.

See you all online :) lets remember what makes me me :)

BOUNCY FUN HAPPY TIMES . Be THERE or be square :) .



I picked the songs in this vid for a reason… you all know music is important to me and i love nicki minaj these lyrics were of particular importance to me…

It’s a joke, it’s a game,
Why am I still keeping score?
I’m in pain, I’m ashamed
I’m a woman, hear me roar

and of course….

This time won’t you save me
This time won’t you save me
Baby I can feel myself givin up
Givin up
This time won’t you save me
This time won’t you save me
Baby I can feel myself givin up
Givin up


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How appropriate that my NEW ActionGirls.com photo set comes out today !! ITs all about big boobs going to war :) . Me and my big guns went to war today when I went in for my treatment :) Thank you all for being there for me. This was such a fun shoot its like i was an assassin looking for the perpetrator i love shooting these type of shoots its so fun :) . I told you some big things were coming :) lets start with guns lol ! And me giving the finger to cancer and anyone else thats fucks with me :)

So ALL free fanclub members and anyone who gets a free screenname gets to get full acess to the full uncensored set and can pick any pic from this set and have it autographed and sent with the ty package :)

I always bring out the BIG GUNS :) Me and guns equals a good time lol :) hehehe I have been having a blast online with you guys and will be online every day after the hospital :) love you guys tons :)

Remember the hot video and full uncensored set is available free when u get your free screenname !! :)

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Hey everyone, just wanted to fill you in on my doggy Shaggy. He was my first ever dog and I love him to death. He has had a lot of health issues latley I guess like his mommy. He has been very sick mentally and physically since I got him back from my ex…its a sad complicated story but hes with me for the most part now finally.

Hes had really bad anxiety and stuff and he chews his tail to the point where it had to get amputated (this was all when he was with my ex) and now for the last 8 months or so hes been living with a cone around his head, its been really hard on him. I have tried everything. I wish Cesar Milan could help. Everyone please feel free to email Ceasar about him cause I could use his help. I just cant put him down hes the love of my life and right now I cant take a loss, he brings me so much joy, but if it means putting him out of his pain then thats what I would do.

I took  this vid of him and I hes such a little baby I love him so much he sits on my lap and just hugs me. Hes the best doggy ever ! This vid is kinda super personal cause I was going through a hard day/time but I always show you this side of me so im  going to show you now again. :) Please feel free to upload it to YOU TUBE too and add it to your favourites maybe Shaggy will be famous for being so cute :) BTW i warn u i cannot sing but im singing to my doggy so its not like its american idol lol :)

I love you guys im online now so get your free screenname and lets have some fun :) Big hugs and kissees. Im giving away TY packages to all of you who get a free screenname HERE :)


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Here are some more pics from the fun times at Orange County fair and of me with Kelly Divine and Sophie Dee :) . I had a great time with them as always. :) See ALL the uncensored pics and never ever ever before seen video @ the free fanclub by getting your free screenname here.. IT only takes a second :) and your in like flynn !!

Dont miss out on seeing some girl on girly fun :) hehehe right at your fingertips HERE. Im live all week long and I cannot wait to play :) xoxoxo


Me and one of my wins at the Orange county fair :) heheh I love fairs ! If customs thought i wasnt bringing hello kitty back with me they had another thing coming.

me and sophie dee and our winnings double the smurfette double the fun :)

Me and the gorgeous she really is gorgeous man… kelly divine at dinner at katsuya and we were also avoiding paparazzi i feel like a kid with her LOL

and one more of me at the Nicki MInaj concert :) Love my barbie chain but pinky broke it :( boooo

I gotta get a new one

ok guys see you all ONLINE at my free fanclub lets do it big :) wooooot !

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Hey guys.. wow what a busy time since Ive gotten back from LA i have been having wayyy to much fun online with you guys @ my free fanclub that i havent had the chance to even do a blog post LOL to tell you all about my funnn trip to LA !! It was super busy but very fun and of course I loved meeting my fans the most. Adult con was super busy and I love meeting all the lovely ladies :) too. I had the best time !! I also had a great time hanging out with my friends, shooting (top secret) lol.

I went on the TMZ tour it was sooo much fun LOL.. I also had some great dinners with great friends. I love katsuya their food is awesome.

I went to the Orange county fair with Sophie Dee,where I cleaned up when it came to prizes lol. I won hello kitty and smurfette it was amazing. I won hello  kitty at the water gun game it was soo good lol I had to beat out 17 kids to do that twice !! I did though yeaaaaaaah buddy ! lol hahaha and then you know those “one in wins” basketball hooops lol well I did it and won smurfette, they think theyre smart overinflating the balls and making the rims shaped funny LOL… it even says “hoops are not regulation shape or size” lol no shit hehe.

I also LOVED that you guys have TURKEY LEGS just like that at the fair ! We dont have that at all here ! lol thats awesome. You also fry the hell out of everything LOL i never seen that much fried oreos,twinkies,candyapples,cheesckae,dill pickles lol and omg I tried chocolate covered bacon too !! I didnt like it so much LOL.

Jordan Carver who is an awesome friend came to see me at adultcon shes always so much fun I love hanging out with her. It was boob central time lol :) Isnt it always heheh. Me and Tanya Tate had some fun and the oh so cute charity  bangs shes a bundle of energy.. There is TONS more footage to come to everyone who joins me free HERE and special ty packages personalized by moi :)

The TMZ tour was awesome lol… I loved it so much. IT was so funny cause here I was trying to just take a fun tour and everyone was taking pics of ME LOL ! The cars that were pulling up were taking pics of me and even screaming “nice rack” LOOOL it was hilarious.. my gf says to me “how did that guy see your rack from there” im like you can see it from space LOL.

Make sure you all get your free screenname here for your full ty package and access to ALL the uncensored pics and vids !! There are tons.

IF you wanna see me and @ Kelly Divine in action fun times riding a bull LOL get access HERE now lol its amazing !! Our boobies and butts were everywhere !! It was a super fun fest lol. I decided fuck cancer im getting on the  BULL :) . I also enjoyed hanging with Vicky Vette as always shes a bottle of fun and seeing the sexy Sara Jay :) . Its great to be around good people especially now.

Anyways, as I have been having an amaaaaaaaaazing time @ the free fanclub with you guys..its been a really stressful couple weeks with the news and the hospital stuff :( . Dealing with treatment sucks right now but you guys have been making it amazing which is why I feel so great on camera and so blessed to have you all in my life. Come see me live im feeling extra giving it takes a second and you get your free screenname and you get a full ty package from me :)

Love you tons



me and the lovely tanya tate

me and my boobie busty girlie JordanCarver

me and the oh so cute allie haze :) we were neighbors shes a sweetie

me and charity bangs i adore her :) shes so bouncy hehe

me looking like i was caught by the paparrazi :) hahaha

me and keith from tmz he was soo awesome everyone email tmz about this picture with this link ! The tour was so great

me streaming live @ the convention with you guys on my free webcam, so get your free screenname HERE NOW!

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YAAAY… i love waking up to a new set from PinupFiles.com. They are my family. They are soo much fun to work with and they take amazing pictures. They always make you feel amazing and shooting with them is sooooo much fun. Tons of boobies always !! Make sure you get the FULL uncensored set in my free fanclub. Grab your free screenname cause im giving away some full action filled DVDS to brand new members :)

Ive been in LA and travelling shooting soo much you guys are in for some amazing shit this coming year. WHEN yes WHEN i beat this cancer i have endless suprises for you :) Trust me they will knock you off your feet :) . MAKE SURE you get your free screenname because you will all get first dibs and be first in LINE :)

Im gonna be answering some more questions, comments and stuff good bad and ugly for you guys since I love to keep you guys filled in on everything. The last few days have been rough. Its tough when you are trying to stay positive and pretty much you get shot down. But I know things are happening for a reason. Ive been through so much over the last year, its helped me grow sooo much. I feel I have changed for the better. There are so many people that try to bring you down, and so many undeserving people that were in my life that are now GONE.

Ok guys…formspring time.

1.If you were to have a theme song, what would it be?

Thats hard cause I feel there are different theme songs for different parts of my life… I love music its so important to my life.. but right now its still Nicki Minaj “fly” :) .  Esp the chorus :) .. and on occassion drake’s “im on one” and def eminems “I need a doctor”

2.Do you think true love exists?

I think for some it does. I thought I was in love and got really really hurt. Right now its hard for me to believe in it anymore. Im just kinda guarded a bit jaded but i have started to open my world up a little bit and try to give people a chance. But u know the saying “once bitten,twice shy” Right now I am just focusing on me my health and getting better and I travel a lot so no time for love right now.. I am still waiting for that prince charming and mayyyybe he will come along soon. Im taking applications :)

3. How do you like your coffee ?

CRRRRRRISP lol i loved that commercial thats like my moms favourite chocolate bar. But I actually dont drink coffee at all. I hate it lol. I drink tea on occasion.

4.Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?

Dude… WTF lol these are the kind of messages I get lmao. Ummmm You can do what ever u want lol we are each responsible for what we do lol. And I am not yours or anyones mommy.

5. Whats the secret to a pretty girls heart ?

Ahhh if only men knew… every girl is different so I cant say but being loyal,loving,have a great sense of humour and treating her like a princess is super important. But she has to reciprocate. Dont give all of you withuot getting it back. Both of you have to give 100%.

6. Whats your favourite Rob Zombie movie ?

Devils rejects omgggggg… that scene where they played free bird was one of the best scenes in movie history to me. The song is amazing and the scene was amazing they just went so well together.

7. What television show would you like to see back on the air ?

Omg I love my shows so its soo hard to say but Ill name a few… Boston Legal (william shatner amazing), Sopranos ( i know it had to come to an end but fuck it was amazing) Entourage is ending and i dont want it to :( . I also love my old shows like sliders, 227 hehe :)

8. What is the one impression people get wrong about you ?

They are so intimidated by  me and think that i may be stuck up or unapproachable when im sooo the most down to earth person. They are always surpised when i smile back. I guess girls can be bitches. Im not :)

9.Have you ever thought about dying your hair jet-black. I think it would look very sexy.

Thank you babes actually my natural colour is dark brown and yes Ive had dark hair if you do a search or just look back on my blog you will see me with dark hair :) . I love it. But im a blondie at heart. Im middle eastern so i have tanned skin and dark hair naturally :)

10. Which ingredient do you find yourself most frequently cooking with?

Extra Virgin Olive oil.. healthy for you and great for cooking :) .

Ok guys thats about all for today I know its only WED its hump day lets get over it and have a party ! Im live all night long @ my free fanclub so grab your free screenname make sure you email me ure screenname and addy so i can mail u the free dvd and join in the fun !! Check out PinupFiles.com and my free fanclub for the full set :) woot

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Hey guys… I know its been a while since ive update about my health, partly because I didnt really know what was going on and the other part because the prognosis isnt good. I had been doing my chemo regularly and the tumor had shrunk quite a bit, then I started reacting not so great to the chemo and had to take injections that would help my white blood cell count because it was so low.

I went to the doctor yesterday to get the results of my petscan… the results were that they thought the tumour would have shurnk more by now but it hasnt. It was not a good response. So after chemo, I will have radiation. I meet with my radiation doctor on Thursday they need me to start asap because its already been too long. Its not what i was hoping for but I will keep fighting this fight. Its a long ways away but I am a tough cookie and I will be kicking ass and taking names. Just keep keeping me company making me smile and being the amazing people that you are :)

You have all really been amazing through this and so supportive. And while Ive been going through some really tough times and moments its nice to look up and know your there. I have been having an amazing time on my webcam with you guys. I feel happiest there and I feel normal and you guys make me laugh and smile and they do say laughter is the best medecine right ?

Ill continue to keep you posted. Dont feel bad feel happy cause This will only make me a stronger person. Everything happens for a reason :)

Now back to the good stuff . Im online on cam alll week long and its Titty Tuesday today so lets have some fun !! Im giving away free never seen before dvds to anyone who gets their free screenname here. Im doing so many fun shows its been a blast :) . So come see your official number ONE webcam girl LIVE in action. IM button bursting, bikini wearing, bra busting, and wet tshirting it all over the place :)

Lets have some fun ! And its Titty Tuesday so you knowwwww IM gonna give you a kick ass titty pic :)

Love you tons… grab your free screenname now and then email me your screenname and addy  :)



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Hey guys !! I have been having sooo much fun with you guys @ my free fanclub I havent had a chance to do blog updates. So im catching up while im not in free pvt sessions with you guys. Make sure you get your free screenname so you can join in on the funnn.

Now lets talk about my Chicago adventures … SOOOOO much fun. I fucking LOVE chicago :) I was at EXXXOTICA and it was soo fun meeting my fans and friends and seeing sooo many familiar faces from last year and of course being next to the gorgeous Kelly Divine and hanging out with all my friends. I went to six flags with Sara Jay shes awesome it was the first time I have been to an amusement park in forever our boobies were bouncing everywhere. It was nice to have some fun and forget about the negative stuff for a while.

The Chicago convention was amazing.. everyone was so friendly. I ate at some amazing restaurants in downtown chi town. I went to carmines, gibsons mmmm i love it. I went to millenium park and I loved it. I was just upset that the day after I left they revealed this huge marilyn monroe statue which i would have LOVED to see and there was a ribfest i missed lol. But hey thats ok. Ill be back I have good friends in chicago it was amazing. I even met my twin lol kinda i put my glasses on her cause people said she looked like me.  I had so much fun with my fans :) They were all so fun we just have a big party !  Here are some pics from the convention I loved that all the women that came with their husbands were so fkn cool with me. People said such amazing things and their support was unreal. One of my fans was wearing a kick ass johnny cash shirt i love if anyone knows where to get it please get it for me in xtra small :) i fkn love it :) !!

I did some awesome shooting while I was in chicago too :) There is lots to come so make sure you get your butts in live chat with me just grab a free screenname make it clever lol and cum see some boobie bouncing funn !!  I will be uploading alll my pics to the free fanclub so see all the uncensored fun you dont get to see.



I love you chicago :)

Heres the pics :) fun times

I loved this guys shirt :) I love johnny cash

me having fun in my booth :)

me doing the red carpet pose :)

Blurry but me and Kelly Divine having a blast we are right in the middle of action (arent we always)

me and Sara Jay what a hottie :) love her !

me and my supposed twin lol i lent her my glasses :) she was super sweet

boobie time they were falling out what else is new lol

Big booty fun :)

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