Hey guys ! Happy thursday :) The weekend is almost here yaay ! I have been having a blast with you guys this week on webcam and I cant wait to play some more. Tonight is gonna be a funn night for all of you that grab your free screenname and join me cause im FREE in video right now and doing tons of wet tshirt and oil shows. I feel its boobie time dont you !!  When you get your free screenname make it a clever one and all of you get FREE GOODIE BAGS :) YUP YUP im feeling super giving today. Its been a rough week and I wanna let loose and have some amazing fun times with you all :)

I decided to do a post about quirks since we all have them lol.. im not perfect we all have some funny quirks lol :) . So i decided to do a short post about 10 quirks i have lol.

1. I cannot let my purse touch the floor.. ever.

2. When im doing my dishes even though I have a dishwasher I like to stack them and stack them till they are this big pile of clean dishes lol and it looks like they are gonna fall over LOL.

3. I fold my laundry a certain way I used to work in retail so all my clothes are organized by colour and my laundry is folded the exact way I would fold it when I was in retail. I am so picky in that regard.

4. I am a quote-a-holic they get me through each day. Every morning when I get up I write a new quote on my dry erase board and try to have it motivate me :)

5. I make lists…to do lists like crazy lol. Each one seperate for different things. And I get excited when I cross something off that list lol.

6. I am anal about football sundays… im a sportsbetting princess so noone can call me on sundays do NOT interrupt LOL. I print out all my parlays and all my bets and put hearts around my favourites and cross them off with a highlighter once they are won. LOL on sundays my coffee table looks like an office

7. I am like a vacum lol like i drink water a lot about 5 litres a day and if there are any water bottles around my house I have to drink every last drop and I cant start a bottle and not finish it within an hour LOL.  It goes back to my weight loss days I counted the amoutn of water i took in since it was integral to my weight loss.

8. All my shoes have to be in their original boxes and Ive take a pic of all the shoes I have printed them out and glued them to the boxes so I know exactly what shoes are what and their colour etc.

9. I am more of a shower girl then a bath girl, and if i have to take a bath or I do take a bubble bath I must shower after. I cant just have a bath lol.

10. I have to work out EVERY day there has to be at least an hour in my day when I work out even when im sick.

ok now thats enough of that get your asses in LIVE video with me !! IM FREE right now grab your screenname and hurry you dont want to miss out on tonights fun !!

Anyone that gets their free screenname before this saturday at midnight gets to pick a special themed one on one show with me ;) pvt !



Heyy guys… its TITTY TUESDAY YAAAAAY ! Its been a hell of a week lots of ups and downs but its been amazing being with you guys live at my free fanclub. You guys make every day easier :) Ty for your unending support.

I figured id post a formspring post since you guys love them so much. I also wanted to let you all know there is a lot of big and awesome things coming up sooooooo be sure to keep posted and to get your free screenname cause i am doing some seriously cool contests every single week that get you some amazing amazing goodies !! All just by getting your free screenname here :) .

Formspring time :)

1. Tell me, how is it that every year you get more gorgeous than the last? And how is it that even with all the stress you got on you right now, you still manage to just radiate sexiness?

First, thank you so much. Thats very sweet to say. I am a sexual being and I love being the person that I am the bouncy, positive, fun sexual person and even with all this stress I have all of you to thank for that actually. Because you dont treat me like a sick person and therefore I dont act like one all the time. I have my days. But thank you. If I didnt love it I wouldnt do it so I think thats why you always see me smiling :) .

2. Do you like kissing in public ?

Im definitely not a PDA person. Like little kisses and hugs and stuff I dont mind doing but im not really a lets show everyone how deep my tongue can get down your throat kind of girl LOL. At that point I would take it inside. I do love to kiss though its my favourite thing ever. I love little kisses that you steal in public only because they are so natural u cant help it if ure happy or excited you just wanna kiss them :) .

3. What is your principal weakness? and your greatest strength?

My principal weakness would be that I am too trusting, my greatest strength is my strength. I could elaborate but i wont.

4. Have you ever thought what your gonna do if you dont make it ?

Umm… lol well I try not to think that way but I probably wont make it. LOL.. I think that I have been doing all I can do to be better and get better. I think its out of my hands and I think that theres a path im supposed to be on and I will enjoy the ride. Im better in my life for this happening to me. Im so much better. I know a lot of people cant understand that but I am. So much joy has come into my life and my eyes are wide open. So if I dont make it its not for lack of trying. But im gonna fkn make it im way too stubborn. LOL

5. What would be a perfect day for you right now ?

Right now the perfect day would be a day without hospitals, with sunshine and absolutley zero stress and worry. A day where shaggy isnt sick and im not sick and me and my doggies are just laying in the sun.

and one more for icing on the cake :)

6. What do you have to say to your exes now ?

LOL, i dont want to curse for the next paragraph lol. Cue Chris brown “look at me now”. No, in all honesty the dynamics of a relationship are so complex. Noone is perfect. I wish all my exes the best and I hope they find happiness (even if they were a douchebag) lol kidding. We all gotta move on and find whats best for us in life. I got hurt real bad doesnt mean that I wont heal. We all will find our happiness.

Speaking of happiness. These boobies you find below are now live on cam bouncing so get your free screenname right now !! and come join me im live and free in video :) woot !

xoxo Tay

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This month is hugely important to me. Its breast cancer awarness month. We are all still fighting for the cure. There is an irony to this for me… while i dont suffer from breast cancer I do have lymphoma. Last year before I knew i had cancer I did a fight for the cure shoot for breast cancer, two months later I was diagnosed with cancer. Maybe it was intuition who knows but what I do know is that I have walked in the shoes of those affected and those hurt by this disease and we all need to pay attention and do what we can to help.

If i didnt have all of you amazing people in my corner through this experience I couldnt be smiling through it. You are all amazing and im having so much fun with you guys online every day. You keep me alive, you keep me sane and you keep me happy. :)

Last month was lymphoma month represented by a green ribbon this month lets bring the pink out and you all KNOW i love pink ! SO get your pink ribbons out and lets help find a cure ! Im showing my boobies for the cure !! Lets have some fun and fight and kick the shit out of it !

Here are some facts about breast cancer :

Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the breast. It is considered a heterogeneous disease—differing by individual, age group, and even the kinds of cells within the tumors themselves. Obviously no woman wants to receive this diagnosis, but hearing the words “breast cancer” doesn’t always mean an end. It can be the beginning of learning how to fight, getting the facts, and finding hope.

Women in the United States get breast cancer more than any other type of cancer except for skin cancer. It is second only to lung cancer as a cause of cancer death in women.

Each year it is estimated that nearly 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will die :( .

Its a sad fact but if we can pull together we can beat this we need to help everyone ! I love you guys so much Im online all day grab your free screenname and lets have some fun !!

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Hey guys !! Happy Monday !! I had an amazing birthday week ty all so much for all the cards gifts, flowers, love and support ! Its been amazing. I had a great bday and i loved being online bouncing with you guys :) You have made my brithday soo kick ass !! My best friend kidnapped me and took me out to a gun range for my bday which was soo fun cause boy did I ever need to let out my frustrations… and I have pretty good aim I killed this zombie bitch lol :) As you can tell in the photos. And of course we went out and had an amazing arabic dinner :) yummm and I sang with the singer it was just a great experience we sang a song in honour of my dad and i was a bit tipsy lol ok a lot tipsy but i still apparently got all the words right :) . I couldnt have asked for a better bday.. I also got secret suprise tickets to the patriots vs bills game this past sunday !  I was also on the Dean Blundell show and im so glad you all loved the video and that it all touched you very much. It meant so much to me to know that I was helping in any way :)

People asked what my birthday wishes were…. I got everything I wanted and more.

I would say I wish that I beat this cancer and come out stronger. I wish we all loved with an open heart and I wish that we all live each day like its our last. There is no time for petty crap.

I still consider it my bday week but im feeling giving sooooooooooo I am online live and free in video right now :) so grab your free screenname here and come join me not only do u get a free ty pacakge but u get special personal goodies heheheh :) Im feeling super bouncy the weekends here lets PLAY!!!

Me getting ready to shoot this zombie to her re-death

me holding big used to that ;) I know how to handle BIG guns :)

Me after I deaded the zombie and her little dog too :)

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Happy saturday guys !! Im pumped about the UFC fights tonight and then tomorrows football game make sure you look for me on tv im @ the 10 yard line first row woooooooooot !  Its a good weekend and good thing im still celebrating at my free fanclub with you guys :) make sure you get your free screenname for hourly goodies and tons of fun !! I give one hell of a show hahah :)

I know a lot of you have been waiting for me to answer some formspring questions since its been forever and you all know i love to share my life with you :) .. so some formspring on this saturday :) I hope your all enjoying the weekend :) . Im LIVE AND FREE IN VID RIGHT NOW :)


1. I just got to say I think ur amazing and tastful at what u do. Do u still live in T.O?

Yes, still in Toronto but I travel very frequently all over. Thank you for the compliment I’ve always been me :) I do things a certain way and I havent changed that for anyone ever :) .

2. I am one of your close friends… I think I am developing feelings for your ex-boyfriend… do you care if we hook up?

Short answer : Nope lol .Since you posted anonomously im going to say that if you knew my ex you probably wouldnt want to be with him but by all means go ahead, hes all yours :) . I think that a close friend would probably tell me to my face, thats what i would want..there is something written in girl code about that. But hes MY EX for a reason…hoook up and good luck with that one :) you’ll need it.

3. What depresses you the most about this horrible world…?

The world isnt horrible, horrible things happen. Its how we come out and how we survive them that matters. There is tons of beauty in the world we just have to be willing to see it. Of course I hate sickness, injustice, judgment, and all the bad things happening to amazing people. But if all of us just gave up on seeing the beauty in the world we would never get ahead. We all get depressed from time to time, hec I have cancer but everything happens for a reason, the world is beautiful embrace it.

4.What mafia movie would you like to be in?

Omg, lol I love mafia movies sooo much. I would have loved to actually be in the Sopranos, but as far as movies def goodfellas, casino, scarface, the departed, the godfather, the untouchables…sooo many lol :)

5.What kind of Asian food do you like?

I have always liked terriyaki but i recently tried sushi for the first time and omg I am addicted. I am not a fan of seafood but I will have shrimp and california rolls a good friend of mine even let me try EEL it was nuts.. I loved it  I love katsuya lol when im in LA i take everyone there and I just love it ! mmmm

6. I think your full of shit… having cancer and being this positive give me a break. I hope you die of it.

Ty… way to be careful this universe has a way of giving what you get. I feel bad for you I hope that you are never hated the way you hate people. Its hard to be positive when facing this and fighting for your life but Id rather do that then just give up. You do what you want in your life and I will do mine.

7. What three words would u use to describe yourself ?

Well, the tattoo on my back says destined, driven, determined that was after i lost my weight. But id have to say, strong, loyal and a hell of a fighter and a damn good woman ;)

8. If you could go back in time and change 3 things that would affect you later in life, what would those 3 things be?

I wouldnt change a thing. Look my life it was meant to be this way, if it was meant that I have cancer its for a reason. If i was meant to lose my father at a young age then it was for a reason. I am a very cultured strong woman. If i could bring my father back would I ? of course, but we all know thats not possible. Its about playing the hand your dealt the best way you can. Thats why im such a kick ass poker player right ! So no regrets..NONE.

9. Would you like my 12 inch inside of your vaginal area ?

Hang on let me think for a moment …. yup got it that would be a NO. LOL dude your an anonymous poster be more creative.

10. Do you drink or smoke?

I dont smoke never have, i tried it a few times when i was younger but it just wasnt me. I def drink socially i love my bacardi and diet coke. I dont drink any of those sugary drinks but every now and then an ice cold beer I LOVE. :)

11.  Right now…do u believe in love ? Do u want someone in your life ? Or are you too afraid of getting hurt ?

Im gonna leave it at a nice and simple NO.

12. Song of the moment ?

You all know music gets me through sooo much.. so its hard to choose, but Lil wayne….how to love and Rhianna California king bed

come now !! im online and free in video :)




Hey guys its been sooo busy since I have gotten back from LA that I havent even had a chance to catch up about it. La was great exxxotica was great I always have a great time meeting my fans and it was soo much fun hanging out with you guys :) . I love being around my girls and doing all our girly stuff hehe :) .

I also loved streaming live to you guys while i was there :) it was soo much fun u know i LOVE meeting my fans :) . I got to hang with the absolutley amazing and sweet RubberDoll, of course kick ass Sara Jay, the sweetest Karen Cougar  and the gorgeous Jenna Prestley… and so many more of the usual suspects.

Of course me and Shyla Stylez had our fun lol :) Shes such a handfull of laughs and good times i love her lol. My canadian girly :)

I was also doing some amazing shooting in LA for lots of biggggggg things to come :) So keep your eyes open :) heheh

Ty all for coming out to see me it means so much the next one is in New Jersey and I cant wait I love New Jersey so much.

Im free in video and ready to play so get your free screenname here and lets have some fun !!

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This post is just to remind us to cherish life. This was a sad day around the world. This is to honour all those who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks and those brave firemen, officers and citizens who gave their lives and everything they could to save lives. We all need to take a moment and hug and hold the people in our lives and show them how much we love them. I pray for the families and all those who lost their lives and loved ones in the 9/11 attacks. God bless America.

In honour of that some Red White and Blue Pics for you. Everyone should wear red white and blue today.

See you all online love you guys.



Hey guys !! Hope your all doing well. Its been a while since Ive updated, Its been a super busy time. Ive been having a great time on my webcam with you guys every day and been soo busy with all kinds of surprises which ill post about in my next blog post. I want to take a moment to post about something clearly important to me and my heart.

September 20th is my birthday, ironically it is also National Lymphoma Awareness month. As most of you know December 24th, 2010 I was diagnosed with Cancer. Lymphoma. Yes xmas eve.. its not a fun time for me. Its been hell, I have good days and bad days but I am very thankful for all of you. You have been amazing in your support and Love for me and I appreciate every single one of you.

I went back and forth about whether or not I was going to post this video because it was very personal and very hard for me. But as you all know, I am always very open to you about what is going on with me good and bad. I love you to see the me I am which is the same off cam and on cam. My best and worst times have always been shared with you. A lot of people said not to a lot of people said to but for me I wanted to I want to inspire and help anyone who is going through this. I want them to know that they arent they only ones and that everything they are feeling is normal. When I first got diagnosed I didnt want to burden anyone I just kinda hid myself from the world but you need to surround yourself with positve people and just talking about it helps.

An update on me, I have started radiation treatment this week. I went this week and have hated every moment of it. But we have to do things we hate sometimes in order to get better. So im gonna do it with a smile and then come and relax with you guys online where I feel the most happy. I know what im about to face again sucks terribly and its gonna be tough on me but hey im a fighter my entire life and I will continue to fight :) till i WIN !! Yall know i dont give up on shit lol :)

Ill explain the video in a moment but first  I want to give you some facts about lymphoma and I hope that if your going through this or if someone you love is you will help or donate to the cause.


* ITS GREEEN .. the ribbon that is I love green so everyone get your green out and wear green and tweet me pics of you wearing green to support this month @taystevens is my twitter id love to see you all show your support. A lime green ribbon represents awareness and unity in the fight against all Lymphomas

*In the United States each year, some 54,000 people are diagnosed with NHL and 7,000 are diagnosed HL. It is the most common type of blood cancer in the US. The European Union sees over 50,000 cases of NHL every year

*Lymphoma can occur at any age, including childhood. Hodgkin’s disease is most common in two age groups: young adults 16-34 years of age and in older people 55 years of age and older. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is more likely to occur in older people.

*Lymphoma is a type of cancer that begins in immune system cells called lymphocytes. Like other cancers, lymphoma occurs when lymphocytes are in a state of uncontrolled cell growth and multiplication.

*Cancer symptoms are quite varied and depend on where the cancer is located, where it has spread, and how big the tumor is. Lymphoma usually first presents with swelling in the neck, underarm, or groin. Additional swelling may occur where other lymph nodes are located such as in the spleen. In general, enlarged lymph nodes can encroach on the space of blood vessels, nerves, or the stomach, leading to swollen arms and legs, to tingling and numbness, or to feelings of being full, respectively.

*Lymphoma symptoms also include nonspecific symptoms such as fever, chills, unexplained weight loss, night sweats, lethargy, and itching

*The treatment of lymphoma depends on the type of lymphoma diagnosed and also on the stage of the cancer, its location, the extent of symptoms and the physical condition and health of the patients. Radiotherapy is a preferred treatment for patients with both types of lymphoma. The other treatment options include chemotherapy, bone marrow or stem cell transplants, radio immunotherapy or biologic therapy


You know there are some really catty and evil people out there that either didnt believe I was sick or have come into my chatroom and wished me the worse said mean things but those people dont mean anything to me.

I surround myself and am blessed to have great people in my life. Thank you all so much for your never ending love. This has truly opened my eyes to the value of life and who really deserves to be in it. To the amazing friends and to everyone who I reached out to me, shared their stories with me, its my turn to share it with you.

The video which is part one of two is pretty self explanitory but was really tough. I have many more to come. I wasnt alone on this journey you guys were always with me. I love you all so much.

See you all online :) lets remember what makes me me :)

BOUNCY FUN HAPPY TIMES . Be THERE or be square :) .



I picked the songs in this vid for a reason… you all know music is important to me and i love nicki minaj these lyrics were of particular importance to me…

It’s a joke, it’s a game,
Why am I still keeping score?
I’m in pain, I’m ashamed
I’m a woman, hear me roar

and of course….

This time won’t you save me
This time won’t you save me
Baby I can feel myself givin up
Givin up
This time won’t you save me
This time won’t you save me
Baby I can feel myself givin up
Givin up




How appropriate that my NEW photo set comes out today !! ITs all about big boobs going to war :) . Me and my big guns went to war today when I went in for my treatment :) Thank you all for being there for me. This was such a fun shoot its like i was an assassin looking for the perpetrator i love shooting these type of shoots its so fun :) . I told you some big things were coming :) lets start with guns lol ! And me giving the finger to cancer and anyone else thats fucks with me :)

So ALL free fanclub members and anyone who gets a free screenname gets to get full acess to the full uncensored set and can pick any pic from this set and have it autographed and sent with the ty package :)

I always bring out the BIG GUNS :) Me and guns equals a good time lol :) hehehe I have been having a blast online with you guys and will be online every day after the hospital :) love you guys tons :)

Remember the hot video and full uncensored set is available free when u get your free screenname !! :)



Hey everyone, just wanted to fill you in on my doggy Shaggy. He was my first ever dog and I love him to death. He has had a lot of health issues latley I guess like his mommy. He has been very sick mentally and physically since I got him back from my ex…its a sad complicated story but hes with me for the most part now finally.

Hes had really bad anxiety and stuff and he chews his tail to the point where it had to get amputated (this was all when he was with my ex) and now for the last 8 months or so hes been living with a cone around his head, its been really hard on him. I have tried everything. I wish Cesar Milan could help. Everyone please feel free to email Ceasar about him cause I could use his help. I just cant put him down hes the love of my life and right now I cant take a loss, he brings me so much joy, but if it means putting him out of his pain then thats what I would do.

I took  this vid of him and I hes such a little baby I love him so much he sits on my lap and just hugs me. Hes the best doggy ever ! This vid is kinda super personal cause I was going through a hard day/time but I always show you this side of me so im  going to show you now again. :) Please feel free to upload it to YOU TUBE too and add it to your favourites maybe Shaggy will be famous for being so cute :) BTW i warn u i cannot sing but im singing to my doggy so its not like its american idol lol :)

I love you guys im online now so get your free screenname and lets have some fun :) Big hugs and kissees. Im giving away TY packages to all of you who get a free screenname HERE :)